Blockchain Developer Roadmap

Blockchain Developer Roadmap

Let us understand the step by step process of how to become a Blockchain Developer.

There are two types of Blockchain Developers –

  1. Blockchain Core Developer
  2. Blockchain Software Developer

Blockchain Core Developer that mainly deals with Blockchain Protocols, Blockchain Architecture etc. If you want to become a Blockchain Core Developer, then you need to learn programming languages such as Go Lang, Rust, C++ etc.

But in this blog we are going to focus more on Blockchain Software Developers as these are the developers which are more in demand in the job, startup market. Now what is the role of Blockchain Software Developers?

The role of Blockchain Software Developer is to create a decentralized application (Dapp).

What is a decentralize application ?


A decentralized application (dapp) is an application built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface.

So, by the definition of dapp is very clear, what are the skills set you are going to need as a Blockchain Developer?

First you need to know a programming language to code your smart contract, such as Solidity, Vyper etc. Solidity is the most famous one so I would suggest you, go for that.

Second, you need to know a programming language to code your frontend interface. And we know who is the king for frontend interface i.e. JavaScript. So you can learn library such as React JS or framework like Angular JS.

Now you must be thinking.

So is that all ? I just need to know how to code a smart contract and frontend interface.

No, you need one more thing. You need a library in order to connect your Blockchain World (Smart Contract) with your Real World (Front end interface).

And that is web3.js library.


This web3.js library acts as a bridge which helps you to connect your frontend user interface with your smart contract. There are other libraries also, such as web3.py, ether.js .

So if you know how to create a smart contract, how to create a frontend and how to connect both of them. Hurray ! You become a Blockchain Developer.

Here some other tools and topics that you should also know-

  1. Object Oriented Concepts – You should be familiar with OOPs concepts such as interface, encapsulation, abstraction etc. This will help you with coding better dapps.
  2. Truffle and Hardhat – These are the most essential tools that make the life of a Blockchain Developer very easy.
  3. DeFi, NFT , Geth – You should be familiar with concepts that are widely used in Blockchain World.


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