Angular vs React vs Vue – Which framework to learn in 2022?

Angular vs React vs Vue – Which framework to learn in 2022?

From social media applications to online banking, people all over the world can not live without websites and applications these days. We have applications for everything. We order food online, and we book cabs online. But have you ever wondered, how are these applications and websites developed? Which frameworks are used to make them? This article will help you understand exactly that.

Frameworks, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. So basically, a framework is a structure or foundation for developing software applications. It is used as an arrangement to build websites and applications. 

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Now that we’ve cleared what frameworks are, let’s move on to the goal of this article. Which is to help you decide what framework you should learn in 2022. 

Firstly, let’s acknowledge why you should learn about frameworks and what they are useful for.

For example, If a CMS (Content management system) needs a fully functional and customizable application or website, you will use a framework to create the website as per their requirements. 

There are a variety of frameworks for you to choose from, but in this article, we’re going to see the 3 most popular frameworks that are certainly going to be useful in the next few years. We are going to look at Angular, React, and Vue.

Angular Framework

In the year 2010, Google released the Angular Framework. Over time it has gained a lot of popularity among developers and is still thoroughgoing. Another update was released by Google in the year 2016 which fulfilled every desire new developers had. The new version, Angular2 was made from scratch in Typescript. It had an entirely different architecture.

Angular framework is the most commonly used client-friendly scripting language. It has unique functions to help us interact with different web pages. It is precisely suitable to develop modern applications and websites.

With this framework, you can build applications that are quick to prototype, easy to test by providing you with the appropriate debugging tools, and has incredible server performance, as it has features like caching which help you to lift some load out of the CPU.     

Here are some widely-known companies that have used this framework- Google, Forbes, PayPal, etc.

On the one hand, this framework can be a limitation since Angular is mostly used for developing large venture applications. But on the other hand, it can be effectively used for quick solutions to a standard case.

Angular is a specialized framework. It has a very sharp learning curve. One must have a brick understanding of how this framework works. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s not very popular among new developers.

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React Framework

In 2011, A year after the release of Angular, React was developed. It was first used by Facebook in their newsfeed. Although it wasn’t released for public use until 2013. After that, it thoroughly gained popularity and support. 

React provides various extensions for complete application structural support, like flux and React native.

This framework helps you build an application and website easily since it requires less coding and offers more functionality. React uses Virtual DOM so creating websites using this framework is effectively easy. React has a unidirectional data flow that helps web developers debug any error easily.

Here are some widely-known companies that use React to develop their UIs- Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc.

React essentially works as a library. It is useful for any task. It can be used during an MVP or any small and medium work. Typescript, which is javascript with strongly typed syntax (If you want to learn more about typescript, follow this tutorial), is rather useful for any type of venture development. Since React offers no out-of-the-box solutions, only highly experienced developers are required to use it. Otherwise, you are at risk of creating an irrelevant code for your application. Also, the documentation of React is surprisingly not up to the mark with their constantly improving technologies, so it would be hard time for you to make you of its new features and updates.

Learn more about React here.

Vue Framework

In 2014, a former Google employee developed the Vue.js framework. This framework was not of much use since it had no support from major companies.

When Vue was switched to Typescript, from javascript, the third version of the framework got its very own Github. This helped web developers create code easily, hence vue gained popularity over time.

Vue is a very effective and progressive adaptable JavaScript framework that helps us build UI on the web. It supports all browsers that are ES5-compliant.

Big Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, etc use Vue as their framework of choice.

Vue is useful for developing MVP, Minimum Viable Products, and medium-sized applications. It has a very high speed at the beginning that helps you build an MVP in no time. The adaptability of the framework also helps in dynamically developing the project.

This framework is featherweight(only 18 kb), and good for beginners since it has a very user-friendly CLI. Also, it scales more easily than Angular. 

Vue has a really easy learning curve, so companies are looking for developers that have a good knowledge of the framework.

Learn more about Vue.js here.

What to choose?

Now to the conclusion of this article, what framework should you learn in 2022?

Before making any decision research the popularity of the framework, the talent required, the labor cost, etc.

If you already have an understanding of how the final product will look then

The easy and effective answer will be Angular.

If you’ve no rough idea and if the project is MVP then you can choose either Vue or React. If you have a deadline and you require good performance then, React is a good choice. If the project is small and the client is in a hurry for the final product, they naturally hire developers that are familiar with the Vue framework.

But for large and complex development, we strongly suggest Angular.

And with that, we’re closing the article, hope this helped you with what you were looking for.

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