Solidity Practice Questions

Solidity Practice Questions

Are you going to give a interview for solidity ? But not comfortable with solidity programming language syntax and concepts. You are looking for questions to practice but not finding them anywhere.

Don’t worry !

We at Codedamn have something awesome for you. Presenting you Solidity 30 day challenge.

solidity 30

In this challenge you will be able to practice 30 different solidity smart contracts. Every challenge is made in such a way that you will be able to revise each and every concept of solidity such as array, mapping, strings , loops etc.

How you can access this challenge ?

To access this challenge just click on this link.

Once you click on the click you will see an interface just like above. Now click on the challenge that is unlocked. If you have not signed up for Codedamn, you will see a dialogue box like below. It’s a 10 second process to sign up for Codedamn.

 sign up

Once you will sign up. You will see the solidity challenge.


Here is how you can solve this challenge.

challenge intro

  1. Questions will be given in this area.
  2. Here you have to write your smart contract
  3. This will tell you whether your test passed or not when you click on Run Test (give at 5).
  4. If there are any compilation errors in your code or the test does not pass. You can refer to the terminal.
  5. By clicking on Run Test, you will be able to run your test.

And if you are stuck anywhere, you can see the verified solution to the challenge by clicking on “Stuck ? Check Verified Solution” given in area 3.

Will you get a certificate after completing all 30 challenges ?

Absolutely, you will be given a certificate after you have completed all the 30 challenges.

Is it free ?

Yes, it’s completely free. It’s an initiative on our side to provide value to our Codedamn community.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment below. And all the best for your solidity interview.

Thank You

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