How long does it take to learn python programming?

How long does it take to learn python programming?

Python is a simple but high-level programming language which is considered to be the best language for doing almost any task you perform in the programming world. Learning it might be a difficult task for anyone. Learning Python can either take 2 months or even a year or two.

In general learning, a skill depends upon your desired output as a result, whether you want to automate a simple task using Python, or you want to Develop a cool and custom Backend without worrying about a lot and lot of code. Python can Do it all for you.

Various factors can affect the learning path, length, and duration of Your programming journey. The Factors are listed below:-

  • Previous Programming Experience: Well if you already know coding/Programming in another Coding Language, The Learning of Python Programming can be greatly affected by it. Then you only have to learn how to write the code in Python i.e. the syntax. As you do already know the coding part of what and where to implement what, and also you’ve to learn the framework.
  • Learning Method: To learn something you might have to take the correct path to reach your desired goal. To learn automation you don’t have to learn BackEnd programming with Python. A well-structured course that gives you your desired output can boost your learning process.
  • Time-Based Learning: Time-based learning refers to a learning process in which you devote your particular amount of time just to learn that one particular thing. Like I devoted my 3 months to learning Python all by myself without any instructor, just a course by and that’s it, it took time but I learned.

Common Question a Python beginner Face today

Is Python Hard for beginners to learn??

Python is one of the best Programming Languages that a beginner could pick up to learn to program. Its syntax is quite similar to Pain English which will eventually make you learn it faster, and it’ll also feel like talking to a computer in English rather than coding.

Print Hello World in C++ int main(){ std:cout<<"Hello World"; }
Code language: Python (python)
Print Hello World in Python print("Hello World")
Code language: Python (python)

Just look at the comparison above, doesn’t it feel like telling in plain English??

Is Python worth Learning in 2022??

When it comes to Industry expectations of a Python Developer, It’s very clear that Python Developers are in great demand in Industries. To be precise Python is extremely popular in Data Science Industry where everything from basic to advanced machine learning algorithms is developed using Python Programming language.

Basics of Python

Whenever you start learning any skill or any of the Python Programming languages you must have to start from the basics. What is the syntax or how can you get started for the first time, from where the program does even start its execution?

Then you move to a bit advanced part like what are the variables, how to declare them, what are Functions and how to use them, and others too. There are 100s of libraries to learn from Python but to use almost all of them, you must have to learn at least the basics of Python Programming.

You can learn the Basics of Python Programming by either joining a Bootcamp or learning from a Textbook either online or on hard paper, we’ll recommend you to join Codedamn and take its Python Programming Video Course. It’ll teach you everything that you even need to do anything in Python Programming Langauge.

Why Learn Python??

Python is a very popular, easy-to-learn, and high-level programming language that a beginner can learn to begin learning the programming language to start up his programming journey. It’s the Second most popular programming language that you can learn worldwide after C language and also Python’s Popularity is growing day by day. You can learn Python and even take advantage of its vast amount of libraries that you can automate or simply cut down your code time to half or even more.

Jobs and Positions that Python can Offer you

As Python Programming is the most popular Programming language, it’s the reason why it is being used by companies in most job roles. By Learning Python you can create opportunities for yourselves for these of the mentioned job roles:

  • Data Analyst
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Operations Automation Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Things you can do with Python

Python is a very versatile and dynamic programming language. Since it’s a general-purpose programming language it can be used to perform a variety of tasks, to name a few:-

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Scripting
  • Task Automation
  • Game Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Statistical Analysis

Learn Python on basis of Duration

Well, it depends on your goal of you, For some who just want to automate a task and can learn it within 2 weeks or some who want to get a job out of it will have to dedicate about 5 months or even longer than that.

Beginner Python Developer

If you’re Dead serious about learning Python language in about a day or two, you cannot, but still, you can learn and become a beginner Python Developer in about 2 weeks. There are hundreds of courses on the internet about how to develop a Python program and showcase your skills.

We’ll recommend you read out our article about the top 10 Projects to build as a Python Developer to become a beginner Python Developer. After building these Projects we highly doubt that you’ll even consider yourself a Beginner Python Developer.

Intermediate Python Developer

If you’re serious to learn Python Programming you can learn all those libraries. You can learn it in about 2 months if you’re devoting most of the time to it. Practicing daily for about 3 hours and it’ll be okay to take a break but still, it’ll require an extreme amount of focus and dedication.

After following the course which we’ll recommend you to take from codedamn, you’ll be able to build projects which a beginner python developer cannot and you’ll be very familiar with most of the libraries.

Advance Python Developer

Becoming an Advanced Python Developer means you’ve to learn most of its libraries with some of its technical stuff too like the regex, the time complexity of a program, building not just a CRUD app but the apps which make sense like for example building a Reddit Wapper class like PRAW.

This can only be done with an adequate amount of time given, you’ll learn it before the duration of 5 months but still will lack some of them which can require more than even a year or two.

Tips to learn Python a bit faster

There’s no shortcut to learning anything but here are the tips which can speed up your learning process of Python Programming Language.

Code Everyday

Python is just a programming language or you can it’s just another skill that you can learn by practicing or spending time with it to become familiar. It’s a good practice to code every day and keep yourself familiar with it. There’s a technique with which you can learn and still not forget the topics, and it’s building projects over the topic you learned, it can be a short or big project. The thing which matters is that you build something over it.

Start with the Basics

Python is a skill and you just cannot overlook the basics of it because the basics are the key to learning any new skill or language. The basics keep in check whether your fundamentals are clear or not.

Focus on Logic rather than on Syntax

Learning Python is good but advancing its learning is best. You can perform anything using Python but optimizing it will give you the best experience with your learning.

Let your goal decide what you will learn

If you’re willing to learn Python to automate a task, you don’t have to build a custom backend as instructed by your instructor. Take up the course which aligns you with your goal rather than separating you from it.

Join a Community

Joining a community will not give the most of the learning but it’ll surely affect your speed and direction over it. They can guide you to learn something which can be useful to you, even if it’s not told by your instructor in his latest updated course.


Learning Python language completely depends on your time and dedication. You can learn and develop good quality projects within two months or even 5 months. Like for me I was in my college I had to study my subjects and apart from it I also had to study Python without any instructor just a Codedamn course. I was able to pull it off in 5 months and now I can develop high-quality Desktop Apps and also Backend using just Python.

These were the tips that can help you to learn the Python Programming language and I hope that I’ve answered your question about how much time will it take you to learn the Python Programming Language

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