100 Python Projects for Practice

100 Python Projects for Practice

Learning and building projects using Python will benefit you a lot, It helps you retain what you have learned, and it will help you build your portfolio and showcase your skills.

In this post, I have curated 100 python projects with resources for beginners to advanced python programmers.

Band name generator

In this project, create a brand name generator using Python. Take city and pet as user input and generate the name from it. 

Resource Link – URL

Tip calculator

Build a tip calculator using Python by taking input, taking three inputs, total bill, tip amount, and how many people to split the bill.

Resource Link – URL

Treasure Island

Using the if else condition, build a treasure island, where the user will answer the if-else answer to reach the treasure

Resource Link – URL

Caesar cipher

Caeser cipher is the encryption method. Build your caesar cipher. Learn more about this encryption method here.

Resource Link


Create a simple or advanced calculator using arithmetic operators.

Resource Link

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro is a time management technique typically 25 minutes long and short 5 to 10 minutes break.

Resource Link

Find minimum and maximum.

Take the numbers as input, and output the minimum and maximum numbers.

Resource Link

Blog Application

Build a blog for yourself using Python and Django.

Resource Link

Quiz Application

Build quiz applications using Python and its libraries.

Resource Link

Fibonacci Sequence

Build the golden ratio or a Fibonacci sequence using Python.

Resource Link

Habit Tracker

The user wants to log their habits and create a simple habit tracker.

Resource Link

Workout Tracker

Build a workout tracker to log which workout the user has done that day.

Resource Link

Fizz buzz

Create fizzbuzz for odds output fizz and even numbers output buzz.

Resource Link

Random Password Generator

Generate a random password, and include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and characters to make the password strong.

Resource Link

Temprature Conversion

Convert Fahrenheit to Celcius or vice versa.

Resource Link

Get Operating System Details

Get user operating system details, like the operating system version, ram size, build version, Etc.

Resource Link

Get Yearly Calendar 

Output the whole year calendar using Python.

Link to repo

Get Monthly Calendar

Print the monthly calendar on the console using Python.

Resource Link

Join Words

Take two words as inputs, join them and output them.

Resource Link

Check palindrome

Take a number or a string as input, and output the given number or string is palindrome or not.

Resource Link

Remove vowels

The user will input the strings of characters, remove the vowels and print the final result.

Resource Link

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index is everyone’s favorite project, take height and weight as input and print the BMI.

Resource Link

Rock paper scissor game

Everyone has played the rock paper scissor game. Create this game to compete with the computer.

Resource Link

Downloading images

Create a python project to download images from the URL.

Resource Link

Chess game

Build a chess game to compete with the computer. To make it more fun, you build multiplayer or add more modes like arcade and practice.

Resource Link

Phone number tracker

Track the phone number of print the location of the number

Resource Link

Image to sound

Convert image to sound using Python and its libraries.

Resource Link

Digital clock in Python

Create a digital clock using Python.

Resource Link

Save files from Torrent to Google Drive.

Build a project to save torrent files to google drive.

Resource Link

Command line chatting using Python.

Create a small script and build a command line chatting using Python.

Resource Link

Dice Roll

Build a dice roll simulator using Python.

Resource Link

Weather App

Get weather data of a location with the weather APIs. You can build this in the command line interface or create a frontend to interact with it.

Resource Link

Audio Book

Create an audiobook project, and the user can play, pause, increase or decrease the audio speed. 

It should work like any other audiobook application.

Resource Link

Hang Man

Create a hangman game using Python.

Resource Link

Desktop Notifications

Build a desktop notification application using Python. To add more fun to this project, 

you can implement, set a reminder, and focus mode kind of features.

Resource Link

Voice to text

Build a speech-to-text project using Python and its libraries. To look more professional, 

you can add the functionality of saving the final output as a doc or text file.

Resource Link

Tic Tac Toe

Create a tic tac toe game to compete with a real user or a computer.

Resource Link

Automating Whatsapp

Automate your Whatsapp messages using Python. Like happy birthday messages or to-do lists.

Resource Link

MP3 Player GUI

Build an MP3 player graphical user interface using Python and its libraries. 

Users can see the current song and the list of songs in the queue, and users can play, pause, increase or decrease the audio speed.

Resource Link

URL Shortner

Take a long URL as an input and output the short URL.

Resource Link

Speech Extraction

Build a speech extraction project, and the user will upload the interview or audio recording, then click on the extract button to extract the speech and convert it to text.

Resource Link

Contact Book

Create a contacts book with the user’s name, phone number, email, and occupation.

Resource Link

Snake game

Build a snake game using Python and its library. You can build it more like a Nokia snake game to give it a retro look.

Resource Link

Typing speed test

Display the paragraph and timer. Once the user starts typing, start the timer. 

When the timer reaches zero, calculate the typing speed, including error inputs.

Resource Link

YT Video Download

Build a YouTube video downloaded with the help of Python and its libraries. 

Take URL as input and allow the user to select the quality of video and download the video.

Resource Link

Restaurant billing system

Create a billing system for small to a large restaurants. 

The bill should include the quantity of food taken. If the user hands over an amount greater than the total bill, give back the change.

Resource Link

Acronyms using Python

Build an acronym generator using Python and its libraries. 

In the end, the user should be able to download the list of acronyms to a text or doc file.

Resource Link

Countdown Timer

Build a countdown timer, and the user will set the time when the timer reaches zero to make a sound exactly like your toast maker.

Resource Link

QR Code Encoder / Decoder Using Python

Encode and Decode QR codes or products, items, and images using Python and its libraries.

Resource Link

Minesweeper In Python

Build a minesweeper game, and add different difficulty levels, easy, medium, and challenging. 

To make it more advanced, add timer based minesweeper. When the timer reaches zero, users lose the game.

Resource Link

Tetris using Python

Build a Tetris building game using Python and its libraries. Add different levels and modes to make it more fun to play.

Resource Link

Bubble sort visualizer using Python

Take the array as an input, and build the bubble sorting visualizer using Python. 

It is complex. Take your time to do this project.

Resource Link

Search API

Create a search engine API using Python and its backend framework.

Resource Link 

Python Website Blocker

Build a website blocker. Users can add and remove the websites from the blocking list. 

Users need to enter the password to unblock the website to make it more advanced.

Resource Link

Alarm Clock

Build an alarm clock using Python and never get late to meetings and college.

Resource Link

Expense Tracker

Take monthly budget as input, track the user spending, and output the expense user made.

Resource Link

Instagram Photo Downloader

Build a project to download the photos from Instagram. 

You can build this project with the help of Python libraries.

Resource Link

Mad Libs Generator Python Game

Create a MAD libs generator game using Pygame or any other python game library.

Resource Link

Web Scraping Program Python Project

Create a program using Python to scrape the data from the website.

Resource Link

Weight Converter GUI with Python

Build a weight converter GUI, take the weight as input in kg, and output the result in lbs and pounds and other weight measuring units.

Resource Link

Word Counter

Create a text area. The user will enter the characters below the text area and output the number of words the user has entered. 

You can build this project with the help of Regular expressions and python libraries.

Resource Link

Telegram bot

Build a telegram bot using Python for a specific community or general purpose.

Resource Link

Send emails using Python.

Automate emails using Python, take input of senders email, subject of the email, and email body. 

Ask the user to send the email immediately or allow the scheduling of the email.

Resource Link

Number guessing

Generate the random number between 1 to 20, and ask the number to guess the random number,

Suppose the guessed number is greater than the generated number. Print if the guess is too high. Else print, the guess is too low. 

If the guesses number is equal to generated number print guess is correct.

Resource Link

Student Management System

Create a student or learning management system to track students’ progress with the course, attendance, previous exam scores, and achievements. 

Resource Link

Bank management system

Build a bank management system, and add the deposit, withdrawal, loan, and annual interest functions.

Resource Link

Fake news detection

Build a python program to detect fake news, and You can take the help of third-party libraries.

Resource Link

Movie recommendation

Build a movie recommendation project that asks users to choose a mood and genre and recommend the movies based on that user’s behavior.

Resource Link

Text editor GUI

Build a text editor like notepad or any other app you like. 

Make sure it has the functionality of increasing or decreasing font size, number of characters, words, and lines in the text file.

Resource Link

Bus reservation

Build a python project to reserve the seats on the bus, and charge 1% extra than the offline booking. 

Ask the user if he wants to book a return ticket as well.

Resource Link

Color detection

Ask the user to upload an image or picture in .jpeg or .png format and detect the color inside the image. 

To make it more advanced, you print the colors in hex code.

Resource Link

Simple blockchain using Python

Build a simple blockchain using Python, add a genesis block to start the blockchain, then begin adding the blocks as the transaction increases. Add functionality of detecting block tampering.

Resource Link

Puzzle game

Ask the user to upload the image, slice the picture into random pieces and ask the user to arrange slices of the picture to complete the puzzle.

Resource Link

Reddit bot

Build a bot for Reddit to welcome new users and post announcements in the community using Python libraries.

Resource Link

Calculator GUI

Build a calculator GUI using mathematical operators.

Resource Link

PDF Generator

Take text as input and generate the PDF. To make it more advanced, you build a quote generator for freelancers.

Resource Link

Discord Bots

Build a discord bot to track the user’s rank, block the user who violates the community’s rules, welcome new users, and post announcements inside the community.

Resource Link

Age and Gender Detection

Ask the user to upload of themselves or random user image, and output the gender and age of the user. 

You can build this project using OpenCV and other Python libraries.

Resource Link

YouTube thumbnail creator using Python

Take the video title as input and generate the thumbnail for the YouTube video. Make sure to include size safe to avoid overflowing of text.

Resource Link


Build a program that asks the user to upload and enter the message, encrypt the message inside the image, and decrypt the message by uploading the same photo. 

Resource Link

Todo List

Build a to-do list to get things done, ask the user to enter the task name, and display the total pending task. 

Once the user clicks the checkbox, remove the task from the total 

tasks lists and update the pending list.

Resource Link

Stock prediction

Build a Python program to predict the stock price. You can use third-party APIs and libraries to compete in this project.

To make it a more fun project, you can predict the price on the user’s sentiments.

Resource Link

EMI Calculator

Build an EMI calculator using Python. The user can check how many dues he has cleared, how many dues are pending, and the next repayment date.

Resource Link

Bitcoin Price prediction

Using a third-party API or library, build a python project to predict the bitcoin price.

Resource Link

Trading bot

Traders can’t work 24*7, so build a trading bot that can trade on users’ strategies and particular chart patterns.

Resource Link

Bulk File renames using Python.

Build a python project that asks the user to upload the files, and the user can rename the files in bulk. 

This project will be beneficial for developers, designers, and photographers.

Resource Link

Colorize black and white photos

Ask the user to upload the white and black photo and turn it into a colorized image.

Resource Link

Plagiarism detector

Build a Python project that asks the user to paste the text, and the program detects plagiarism. 

You can build this project using third-party APIs.

Resource Link

Leap year checker

Develop a Python program to check whether the input year is a leap year. You can print the previous and upcoming leap year to make it more advanced.

Resource Link

Graph plotter

Build a graph plotter with the help of Python and its libraries.

Resource Link

Password manager

Users often forget the password they have kept, build a project that manages the user password. 

Take the password as input and the website name as the title.

Resource Link

Email validation

Ask the user to input the email, and detect whether the email is valid or not. 

To make it more advanced, you can cross-verify the user’s email against all the email provider’s domains. 

To build this project, you can take the help of third-party APIs.

Resource Link

Internet speed test 

Build a python project to detect the speed of the user’s internet. 

Resource Link

Text translation using Google

With the help of google translate API, build a Python project to translate the text from one language to another.

Resource Link

Screen Recorder 

Build your screen recorder using Python. The screen recorder should have a start, pause and stop button.

Resource Link

Detect IP Address

Build a Python project using that detects the IP address of the user. 

You can print the IP location and ISP provider to make it more advanced.

Resource Link

Language detection

Build a Python project that asks the user to input the text, using Python or third-party libraries to print the text’s language.

Resource Link

Bitcoin mining

Build a bitcoin mining program to help users mine the bitcoin on their pc.

Resource Link

Video to audio

Build a python project that asks the user to upload the video file and allows the user to convert and download the audio file.

Resource Link

Extract text from pdf

Ask the user to upload the PDF, extract the text from it, and save it as a txt file.

Resource Link


I hope you found this article helpful. After building those projects, you will have a strong understanding of Pyth, and you can create any projects.

Thanks for reading ?

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