How to Practice Coding? 5 Online Platforms to Practice Coding Online

How to Practice Coding? 5 Online Platforms to Practice Coding Online

If you are reading this article, I am assuming you are a newcomer to the programming world, how to practice coding is the question that you might face. First, I want to take my time and say, “Welcome to the excellent world of programming!” There is a very exciting world waiting for you. 

When you start this journey, there will be different people giving different kinds of opinions that may or may not be useful to you. So, what method should you follow to learn a programming language? Here, we will discuss different methods that you can follow to learn programming and our pick for the top 5 platforms where you can learn coding. 

Different Methods for Practicing

Now, the most important part to learn code is practicing as much as you can, and for that,

 You can look for different methods. Let’s talk about all the methods that are great for practicing programming.

Creating a Mini Project

During your programming campaign, you will learn different methods with which you can get multiple jobs done. Say you are learning web development, and the first step is to learn HTML. Now, your first job will be to create a complete site using only HTML or what you can achieve with HTML.

Your next step will be to learn CSS, where you will learn different commands to make your website beautiful. Take your existing website that is made with only HTML and start to design it. 

The further you move in your journey, the more you will keep improving that one existing website as much as you can. Not only in Web development, but you can also implement this method in almost all kinds of programming, where the more you learn, the more you can improve just one existing project.

Build a Strong Github Profile

I’m sure you’ve heard of LinkedIn, where professionals showcase their skills, and GitHub, where programmers can demonstrate what they can do. Whenever you want to learn something about a programming language, try to build something with your existing knowledge. 

When you are done with that project, go to and make a profile for yourself. Use GitHub as a professional diary, keeping track of what you’ve learned so far and how much more you need to learn. 

When you are done, you can always review your GitHub profile in case you forgot something, and you will also have a strong portfolio to show off your work. 

Follow Some Websites

There are a lot of websites that offer different methods for practicing your code. There are websites that will allow you to mess around with your code, and others will throw some challenges for you to solve. 

No matter which one you have chosen, all those websites have one goal, and that is to make you one of the finest coders in the market. So, in the next section, we will talk about our top five choices for where you can learn and master your code. 

Top 5 Places to Practice Coding Online

We all need proper guidelines to put into practice what we have learned so far in programming. To do so, here are the top 5 places where you can practice your coding skills. 


When you have a problem in this modern world, you know who to call—of course, YouTube! Now, how can you practice coding using YouTube? After you are done learning about the basics of programming, you may want to search for some projects using that programming language on YouTube.

The Codedamn YouTube channel has an excellent video on how you should choose your project. Check out that video on the Codedamn official YouTube channel to find out more.

What projects you should do to learn to code?

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is probably one of the best online code-learning platforms. They offer almost all sorts of tutorials for multiple programming languages where you can learn the basic syntax of all kinds of programming languages. 

Not only that, but free code camp also allows you an interactive playground to mess around with that particular code. This interactive playground will allow you to try a different approach to the same code that will allow you to understand the concept better. 

Free code camp also has a YouTube channel; if reading too much text feels tedious for you, the YouTube videos may serve you better. 


We also offer excellent interactive code learning for everyone. If you are new to programming and looking forward to starting your career on the web development path, interactive learning at can be the best choice for you.

So, if this is what you’re looking for, then why wait? Join Codedamn now and start building your career as an excellent web developer.


I mean, the name says it all: a warzone for coders! If you think you have a good grasp of a particular programming language and want to test how good you are, then the code wars are the place to be. 

Codewars will offer you different challenges in different languages for you to solve and sharpen your skills to become one of the finest in the game. Codewars is one of the finest websites to practice and test your might!


I think the name “DataCamp” might suggest what kind of website it is. This website is exclusive to data science. If you are good at the Python and R programming languages and looking forward to continuing your career in data science, DataCamp is the place to be. 

DataCamp offers different real-world problems in data science for you to solve and gradually increase your skills in the data science world.


There is always more than one way to learn anything, whether it is programming or something else. The best part of the programming is, there are just so many websites and pieces of content for you to look at. 

Whether you are a newcomer who just wants to grasp the basics or a veteran looking for some challenges, there is always something somewhere on the internet to make you a better developer. 

I hope our shortlist of those fine websites was a great help to you. If you are enthusiastic about your programming career, then stop wasting your time, pick one of those websites we recommended, and just start working.

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