How long does it take to learn coding?

How long does it take to learn coding?

Due to the vastness of this field, every beginner getting started in coding, has a common question: How much time will it take to learn to code? In this article, I will be sharing my experiences while starting, the topics required to cover, some tips, and a conclusion to wrap things up.

My Experience

I was first introduced to the term ‘coding’ when I was in high school. But due to the limitations of boring lectures I was lost in the midway of my learning path. I finally got on track soon as I figured out the basics on my own. Eventually, I started building small and fun projects alongside. And that was all it took me to learn to code and to get me going in this field.

Basics to cover to learn to code

For beginners, there are several options to choose from to learn a new language and start coding. But regardless of the language, there is a defined way of writing a code, known as the syntax, that is common to almost all languages, yet each has unique individual properties. These syntaxes include:

  • Data Types: The type of data to handle.
  • Variables: Containers to store the data.
  • Conditions: To check the properties of data.
  • Control Statements: Run/Omit a piece of code based on the data’s condition.
  • Loops: To repeatedly run a piece of code until the data’s condition changes.
  • Functions/Classes/Objects: A pattern of code to divide pieces of code into smaller chunks of code that can easily be attached anywhere inside other parts of code and can handle data accordingly (similar to using Lego Blocks).
  • Errors: The signal/alert for a block of code not running or running out of expectations.

Having said this, these topics may look complex at first but are simple to understand and implement. While every language may have some unique concepts and styles included in its syntaxes, the above-mentioned topics are enough to get a good grasp of coding and are enough for building small projects that can become quite handy.

Tips to keep in mind while learning

  • Do not fall into a ‘tutorial hell’. This is a common phenomenon where people would binge-watch several tutorials without actually learning anything from them.
  • Do as many projects as possible. No matter the size and usefulness of a project, as long as you are practicing it by yourself, you will learn many things by building on your own.
  • Write bad code. Writing actual code is better than thinking of writing a perfect one. Get the code working then make it better.
  • Understand the code before writing it. Make sure to keep yourself clear of the working and processes of the code such that if some error occurs while running the code, you would have a clear understanding of where to fix it.

So really, how long does it take to learn to code?

Every person is unique and has their own pace, time of commitment, etc. I would be assuming that the person has a clear roadmap for learning and has made a schedule following it. By going with that assumptions, I am safe to say that it will take **roughly a month** to complete the basics of a language’s syntax and start building projects. One could even start learning advanced concepts like Object Oriented Programming, Low-Level Design, Data Structures, and Algorithms at that time. While some may need more time others may even complete the basics within a day, but the main goal is to set a pace, make a learning path and start learning.

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