How to practice coding?

How to practice coding?

The most important activity for an aspiring software developer is to practice coding daily. But with a plethora of resources available on the internet, where exactly should one keep practicing?

Here are 5 coding platforms available for free to practice coding:



This is an Indian website under Directi, it regularly organizes contests and consists of an immense number of problems, difficulty starting from zero to extremely complex problems that even pro-level coders struggle to solve. They even have their own online editor where you can write code, run tests and submit your solutions. They help you in preparing for competitive coding contests held worldwide like ICPC and Google coding challenges which would strongly enhance your resume and give you opportunities to work in top-level companies.


Geeks for Geeks

The go-to resource for every computer science student, there probably isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of gfg. Again, this website has a dedicated section for practice and allows you to code in a lot of different languages. It has an enormous amount of articles which expands t almost all areas of programming. They also have a practice section for solving algorithmic challenges to prepare for interviews and also have tons of interview experiences from ones who have cracked the same. If you haven’t used it until now, you should definitely start spending more time on this platform as it will help you a lot with developing your skills.



This is an amazing website for learning coding from scratch. It has a lot of resources that allow developers to create innovative projects, take part in interview challenges by solving algorithmic problems, and a dedicated section for docs to get access to articles related to learning development. Anyone with a desire to learn programming in a fun, interactive way should certainly try this website out.



This is a free website that provides developers with the opportunity to code and builds projects for free. They have tutorials for almost everything that a software developer has to encounter and also provide certifications for different skills which would be useful to build your developer profile. They also have a news section that consists of blogs and articles to help you improve your knowledge when it comes to development.



Finally, last but not the least, you should try out Codedamn. This website provides options to create your own playgrounds to practice coding in different languages. It also helps you create fun projects in interactive ways and also provides learning paths where you can buy courses with heavy discounts to get access to high-quality programming videos curated by expert developers in web development, python, and web3 development.


There are obviously tons of other amazing websites to practice coding from but if you consistently start using any of the above-mentioned platforms, your algorithmic and development skills will certainly skyrocket and you would be able to become a far better programmer quicker than you would expect yourself to.

Happy coding.

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