How to become an author for codedamn publication?

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How to become an author for codedamn publication?

Thank you for considering joining codedamn as an author. There’s so much that needs to be done in the developer space – and writing blogs and helpful articles are one of the best ways to contribute back to the community.

We have a simple motivation – help learn people code who just need a little push. We can achieve it effectively only by creating an energy loop where we help people learn and those people help other people learn. Codedamn’s news section is one of the major pillars of learning at codedamn.

As an author on codedamn, you can expect your content and presence to reach hundreds of thousands of people every month who can benefit from your knowledge. Codedamn has a solid social media presence, SEO, and an established reputation as a serious learning resource. This will help you get more people to read your articles.

This is also a style guide you can use while you’re writing your blog posts on codedamn. We’ll give you tips for how you can maximize your impact by making your articles as strong as possible.

Initial points

WordPress CMS we use for writing/editing articles. You should be comfortable or open to working with WordPress for writing your content.

We have support for great syntax highlighting: Add syntax highlighting to your code wherever you include code snippets. Use our WordPress Code block to add syntax highlighting.

Insider Access

As a codedamn author, you would be added to our company’s internal Slack – interacting and spending time with me (Mehul), and the team. We’ll help you polish your articles and refine them before they go live in front of thousands of developers. We have graphic designers to help you with thumbnail, editors and developers to correct your articles technically and otherwise.

Becoming a Top Author

We will feature selected Top Authors every 6 months (twice every year). To become a one of the top-author on codedamn:

Be in the top 10 writers by readership for the time frame. (Google Analytics statistics for the publication are shared with every author)
Consistent article quality and content.

The rewards for being a top author:

  • Exclusive developer swag from codedamn – coffee cup, a developer hoodie, and lots of laptop stickers.
  • Up to 1 year codedamn Pro membership license for giveaway/personal use (worth $240)
  • Permanent listing in Author Hall-of-Fame of codedamn

Ready to apply?

Complete the application and we will review it and get back to you soon:

Thank you

We hope this guide will help you write better articles so the entire community can benefit from your insight.