How to learn coding on codedamn? A comprehensive guide

Welcome to codedamn. I’m writing this guide in the hopes that over the next 4-6 months, following everything you read here will help you achieve your goal, which might be one of the following:

  • Getting a job at a startup/big company
  • Finally, start building your side project/company/product
  • Become more technical in a semi/non-technical job (Maybe you’re a PM, CEO/CXO, etc.)
  • Get better at logic/problem-solving, and generally just hack around with a few scripts

The list above is certainly not exhaustive but covers pretty much everyone on the planet who should learn to code.

Why codedamn?

Before talking about what or how we will help you achieve your goal, let’s understand a bit about codedamn first. Why codedamn in the first place when you already have a great free website (YouTube) and multiple other websites out there with thousands of hours of free content available? There are a few reasons.

You value time

The truth is, codedamn is only for people who value time aggressively. Free platforms like YouTube are unsupervised. You do not know what you’re learning or if you should be learning that in the first place at all.

And as an individual sitting on a computer browsing the internet with thousands of voices screaming at you at once, it is a pretty hard job to tune out bad voices. What usually ends up happening is that you’ll spiral down into tutorial hell or worse, you’ll just give up because nothing makes sense.

If you were like me today when I started my journey – at 13 – with so much time to waste, maybe YouTube is not the worst platform to start. But if you’re a busy undergrad stacked up with assignments, opportunities, or a PM/Jr Dev/CXO at a company with a lot of work on the side, you cannot afford to waste time on ads, wrong tech bro advice, and meme videos on education-dedicated time.

You studied math at some point in your life

Hear me out. If you have ever studied intermediate mathematics topics like integration and differentiation, you’d know that there is no way in the heavens you can master or solve a new problem if you haven’t done tons of problems before.

This pattern is so obvious in certain places. Consider the gym – you for sure know that reading about gym exercises won’t build your muscles. Reading about entrepreneurship won’t start a business on its own.

While equally important, this message somewhat gets lost in coding space. If there’s one hill I’m willing to die on, it is that you will get nowhere in life as a developer if you do not actively write code and practice while you’re learning. Unless you are GPT-4 who can simply scrape billions of web pages off the face of the internet and magically develop intuition about code generally (and mind you, it still is not better than the best developers we have) – you have to practice.

You do not believe in expensive education

This is subjective, but I believe as an internet company – we have a shot at educating the world at a very low cost per head while keeping our business running and growing.

Programming is a potent skill. Locking it behind $10,000+ or ₹2,00,000+ coding boot camps seems like a crime. Everyone should be a little technical. It helps you build logic too.

Traditional VC (Venture Capitalist) thinking is that if we can potentially help you get a $100k/year job as a developer, it is fair that we charge maybe up to $5k-$10k for the program.

At codedamn, we do not believe you should pay lakhs of rupees or thousands of dollars to get good at coding – even though we know that you can get a job worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This way we can educate way more humans – and that’ll make us relatively happier otherwise.

How to learn on codedamn?

Let’s talk about how you should learn coding on codedamn. There are four broader concepts on codedamn, all of which teach you coding.

Learning Paths

Think of learning paths on codedamn as roadmaps. These roadmaps are our way of equipping you with a bunch of skills in one go. What does that mean?

When you talk to a developer, you realize that a developer is much more than someone who just knows a programming language. A programming language is nothing but a stricter version of natural language written in slightly different syntax.

You can instruct a human to “Go and sit there for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, pick that wood log and put it outside that door”. This is your programming in English. You can similarly program a computer, but not in English. This is because natural language could be vague and is not deterministic.

Therefore, learning just a single programming language is not a big feat. Then why are developers getting paid $100k-$1M/year? This is because they know a lot of other stacks around the language itself.

It could include – architecture, logical breakdown of problems, best practices, popular technologies in their stack, ways to debug when stuck, etc. A lot more happens outside code too.

For those of you who have no idea at all about coding and have never written a single line of code in your life, the best way to start is to pick a learning path. Here is a collection of learning paths on Codedamn:


Interactive Courses

Learning paths consist of multiple courses in a specific order. But if you’re someone who knows what you want to learn, you can also pick a course on codedamn directly.

These courses, however, come with all the good things we discussed above. Courses are individual learning units where your actual transformation happens. You are almost always a different human when you complete a course than when you started.


You can practice inside courses

We have built codedamn from the ground up for a reason. There is a reason why codedamn is not hosted on a platform like Teachable or Udemy. The reason is that practice is a first-class course citizen, just like video or quiz or article.

Take a look at this:

In the video above, you can see how you must write code, follow lab instructions, and work with programs to pass labs. This is a small but integral part of becoming a developer.

You can get your doubts solved instantly

What you’re about to see (for free), professional mentors charge at least $60-150/hour for solving your doubts like this:

Our AI software will help you get unstuck whenever you are stuck. It will be patient with you, and will awesomely answer any sort of question for you – basic to advanced.

Practice Problems

If you’re a beginner who has already spent enough time watching tutorials and saving articles to read. You have a basic understanding of the programming concepts and looking for a quick way to come out of the tutorial hell. The practice problems section is the right place for you.

Practice Problems are byte-sized exercise labs that focus on implementing a single concept or a function, these labs can be solved within 5-20 minutes. Pick and solve a few problems daily to reinforce your learning with actual practice. We created over 1200+ practice problems (growing every week) ranging from easy to hard across various programming languages to help you get started. Check them here


Maybe you’re an intermediate developer, and you are here to polish your skillsets. Projects, indeed, are the way to go. Check them here


These projects boot up in the same IDE environment you saw in the video above but with an agenda, step-by-step breakdown, and 24×7 help with Jarvis AI.

Our projects library is growing every week, and we hope that you will spend a lot of meaningful time there building awesome projects.

Interview Kits

Interview kits on Codedamn is a new concept that should help you prepare better for your upcoming interview. For every interview you give on Codedamn, you get:

  • Detailed analysis report on how you performed
  • Questions where you have to open your microphone and video to speak and answer
  • Coding exercises that test your hands-on skills
  • A timed environment where you have to solve quizzes, questions and talk to the AI interviewer to pass the interview

Interview kits are our latest addition to help you get better at preparing. I recommend starting with interview kits 1-2 weeks before your first interview. Before that, learning paths, coding exercises and projects should give you a solid starting point.


That’s about it

People think coding is complicated. However, we’re building codedamn only on these 3 things – learning paths, courses, and projects. We feel when done via hands-on practice + instant help through AI – these components are more than enough to get you a well-paying job, and help you start your side projects, startup, etc. – whatever your initial goal was.

And the best part? You can experience every single component on codedamn for free. When you’re ready, you can unlock the full platform with a Pro membership that costs less than your average pizza bill per month (seriously!).

I hope this guide clarifies how you should use codedamn to learn. If at any point, you need to reach out to human support (well, we already discussed AI), you can do so on our contact page, or personally write me at my email address (my first name @ codedamn [dot] com)

Happy learning!

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