Top 10 Next.js Projects for Beginners (with Code)

Top 10 Next.js Projects for Beginners (with Code)

Next.js is a react framework that is mainly used for production-ready code and has lots of features like server-side rendering(both static and dynamic web pages), Typescript support, route pre-fetching, and lots more. Another biggest advantage of using next.js is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) efficiency. It primarily focuses on delivering a great performance with a rich user experience and feature development. These goals are achieved by Next.js’ three rendering techniques, Server Side Rendering (SSR), Pre-rendering, and Deferred Rendering (also known as Incremental Static Rendering, or ISR). Here are 10 project ideas:

Todo Application


This is a hello world for programmers to begin with any framework or programming language. Hence it’s recommended for beginners to start with Todo App.

Blog Site


Ever wondered how to build your blog website and start writing blogs? Then this project eases the job for you. This project helps improve your web development as well as technical writing skills.



The heart of any developer is to showcase his/her work, experience, skills, and a lot more. This acts as an identity to the world. It also proves your distinct thought and front-end skills. Here is the link to the project which will help you in building your developer portfolio.

Chat App

Chat App

This is a simple chat app that uses next.js, pusher, and sentiment analysis to analyze the emotion of the written text. This gives a different perspective on using the next framework. The code for the same is available here.

Quiz App

Quiz App

This project will help in understanding the working of Next.JS with Typescript(bug fixing), ChakraUI(component library), Firebase(authentication and data storage), Vercel(deployment), Formik(form component builder), and Yup(validation of forms).

Country Ranking


This project makes us understand the working of the search bar component and fetch details from API(Application Programming Interface). This project could be kept as a base and could add functionalities like pagination, loader, etc.

Clone Apps

Apps Clone

Building clone of daily apps that we use is one of the best ways to understand the real-life implementation the of next.js framework. In that way, this tutorial helps us code 6 daily apps namely Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hulu, and Google.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Site

This project is a little advanced version of using the Next.js framework where we deal with full-stack development of complete frontend and backend. This codebase gives an idea for implementing an e-commerce application. More robust applications can be built using the sample app as a base.

Book Store Management

Book Store App

This helps beginners to learn the basics of CRUD operations using next.js and at the same time focus the on basic frontend as well. This tutorial guides us on how to build a book store app from scratch. This is similar to the implementation of a library management system

Next.js Examples

Next.js Example

The repository contains examples of using Next.js in different use cases provided by next.js creators. These examples make us understand the implementation of how the creators work on a particular use case using the Next.js framework.


To wind up these 10 project ideas are just base ideas for any beginner to get started with Next.js. Feel free to come up with your own ideas and build on top of it. These 10 project ideas can contribute to becoming a better software developer and building a firm resume.

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That’s it for this article. Stay tuned for more such articles?

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