Top themes for your Next.js websites

Top themes for your Next.js websites

Hey readers, in this article, we will be covering all about theme in Next js and how to use them. Before jumping directly to themes, we will learn about Next js and the basics of how exactly it is used in Next js. So if you are new to all these concepts, don’t worry, we will be covering it right from the fundamentals and will then move to differences. So keep reading.


Next js is an open-source organization and it provides a runtime environment for running JavaScript code beyond your browser. It is not a framework neither it is a programming language. It is mostly used in the backend for building  API services, accessing databases, etc.

Next js helps developers build large complex applications with ease by using microservices. It can handle thousands of requests coming to the server without slowing down the system. Using microservices in Next js, one can easily scale a large-scale system and can divide it into different chunks for feature updates. It helps add independent features to the application without changing other services.

Uses cases/Applications

Both the tech stack are being widely used for developing web apps. Large tech giants like Netflix, Airbnb, and Instagram use this tech stack in their applications.

Why do developers use Next js?

Following are the reasons for choosing Next js over other backend languages:

  • Easy to learn as it uses JavaScript
  • Used for agile development and prototyping
  • Provides fast and scalable services
  • Asynchronous nature
  • Uses “Single-threaded-event-loop” architecture

This page contains a curated collection of open-source Next JS Themes created by reputable agencies and open-source enthusiasts. The collection includes one-page templates, blog templates, and admin dashboards, all of which can be downloaded from GitHub under permissive (MIT) licenses.

Next JS Material Kit theme

It is a Material Design Kit for NextJS, React, and Material-UI that is free to use. This Free Material Design Kit is perfect for anyone who enjoys bright, fresh colors. It comes with a plethora of components that can assist you in creating fantastic websites.

Next JS Material Kit is made up of over 100 different frontend elements that you can mix and match as you see fit. Color variations are possible for all components, which you can easily change with SASS and JSS (within JS files) files and classes.

Free Monster Next Js Dashboard theme

Monster Next Js Admin Lite is a reactive dashboard template with hooks for creating a clean and attractive admin interface.

Monster Next Js Free Dashboard is a product page for the Monster Next Js Free Dashboard. WrapPixel has created more NextJS templates.

The free edition includes an appealing grid design that allows you to customize the web app’s appearance and feel to your liking. It’s a meticulously handcrafted basic admin template with a modular and contemporary design.

Dashboard for JS Material

The Next JS Material Dashboard is a free Material-UI, NextJS, and React admin with a new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. We’re very thrilled to share our take on material notions with you in the form of a gorgeous and easy-to-use set of components. The popular Material-UI, NextJS, and React frameworks were used to create the NextJS Material Dashboard.

Next JS Notus Admin with Tailwind CSS and NextJS UI Kit – Notus NextJS is made up of over 100 distinct components, allowing you to mix and match as you see fit. All components can have color variations, which you can easily change with Tailwind CSS classes.

Next JS Argon Dashboard

Next JS Argon Dashboard is an open-source project created with NextJS, Bootstrap 4, React, and Reactstrap, with over 100 different components to choose from and combine.

Example Pages

You may jump-start your development with our pre-built example pages if you need inspiration or just want to present something to your clients. You’ll be able to swiftly create the foundation for your online project.

Next JS Blog theme

TypeScript, MDX, and Tailwind CSS were used to create a Next.js website starter. There’s also a dark/light mode switch. Ideal for a blog or personal website.

Next JS Dimension theme

A single-page React.js website template that is entirely responsive. HTML5 UP developed the site and used Next.js to build it. This is an excellent choice for a short profile or portfolio site.

Next JS Starter

Boilerplate for Next.js is a beginning code for your Next.js project that prioritizes developer experience. Next.js, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, and Tailwind CSS were used to create this page. A FREE minimalist theme is included with the project.


This was all about the themes in Next js. If you have any query related to React or JavaScript, do drop it down in the comment section also do check out codedamn courses if you want to learn more about JavaScript and React with its use cases and amazing projects. They also have an in-built playground for different programming languages and environment sets so do check that out and join codedamn’s community

Hope you like it.

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