DevOps vs Agile: What are the Difference?

DevOps vs Agile: What are the Difference?

This article will teach you everything you need about DevOps and Agile Methodologies. The measure points that will see include, DevOps vs Agile, and how agile software development and DevOps software development actually work.


The most important part of software development is to have great communication as it plays an important role in building good software. Getting feedback on every step like anything we do during the software development cycle is very important.

DevOps vs Agile are two of the most important in the manner of software development. Both DevOps and Agile enable good communication in the team and also they enable good feedback through automation.

What is DevOps?


DevOps was introduced in 2007 and today it is widely one of the important aspects of software development. One thing should be clear that is not some tools or software that you can just be a DevOps. It is a compound word that is made from Development and Operations.

DevOps is a mindset where the Development and Operations come together to develop software and provide the user without any hassle. This type of work ethic is the key feature of any company or firm to deliver the product with a proper workload.

The work of the Developer teams is answered in the name only which is to develop a product like apps, website features, etc. Whereas the Operation teams work on various expectations like managing the server, providing security, and scaling the application.

Features of DevOps

DevOps software development offers some key features that are hard to ignore and it led software development easy without any operational failure. It increases the productivity of a team by dividing the work and decreasing the load. This increases the software quality drastically and the development cycle is speedy.

Some of the key features of DevOps software development:

  • Quantity: One essential feature of DevOps is quantified, it would help to find out which metrics will be more suitable for your process.
  • Collaboration: Once your teams are working towards a common goal, collaboration needs to be established as it helps to share information and ideas as quickly as possible.
  • Automation: Automation is based on DevOps where continuous integration and continuous deployment are achieved by using tools like Jenkins, Microsoft VST, and AWS code deployment.

DevOps is based on the following principles

The main principle of DevOps is explained by the CAMS (Culture Automation Measurement Sharing) model which was created by Damon Edwards and John Willis.

  • Culture: It provides a substantial improvement which is often based the behavior and mutual understanding.
  • Automation: The repetitive task which requires the same work can be automated as it increases the efficiency of the work pretty fast.
  • Measurement: using measurement the work can be checked and it helps in evaluating whether the work direction is correct or not.
  • Sharing: One of the phrases that explain the DevOps philosophy better than anything as it highlights the importance of collaboration. It helps in sharing feedback and quick suggestion.

What is Agile?


Agile is a mindset that helps in developing the software and a set of values that makes them easy to iterate and do the software development easily. It was founded in 2001 where the agile focuses on customer needs and evolving at the needed time.

Agile Development breaks all the requirements into initial development phases and then it develops those parts because of this it is used to get feedback quickly and the user is also satisfied with the interaction along with the process.

In agile software development, the key concept is the customer and their requirement. I focus on this topic more and work on the basis of developing a good satisfactory product.

Features of Agile

Agile offers some of the most important features that can make the software development life cycle a little bit less hassle. It provides more focus on individual components and their interaction and improves them as the user requires by getting feedback.

Some of the key features of Agile:

  • The software comes first: In agile, the only thing that matters the most is how the software is functioning and it works on maintaining that status with proper development.
  • Customer Collaboration: Customer collaboration is something that was missing in earlier methodology. Since customer satisfaction is all that matters while developing software.

Agile is based on the following principles

There are 12 principles of Agile methodology and these principles give the foundation to make a good decisions in different situations.

  • Customer Fulfillment: Customer satisfaction is the key factor of developing a good software application.
  • Look for Transformations: The changes that happen during software development should be embraced.
  • Speedy Delivery: It speeds up the work process and the software development life cycle.
  • Collaboration: Multiple roles works together with proper interconnection methods.
  • Refinement: Works on improving the quality and overall software development.
  • Effective Communication: Communication makes it easy to work with others because of sharing thought processes.
  • Good Metrics: It would help to find out which metrics will be more suitable for your process.
  • Steadiness: Agile process promotes steadiness of the development.
  • Operational Excellence: Maintainable operation making it easy to manage the servers, and other operations.
  • Simplicity: Easy to understand as it decreases the complexity of the development process.
  • Self-Organization: Each process is self-organizing and maintainable.
  • Continuous Improvement: The development cycle works in such a way that changes are always welcome.

Key Differences between Agile Vs DevOps 

The key difference between DevOps vs Agile is as follows:

DevOps focused on working with development and operations simultaneously.Agile is considered to be customer focuses, where it works on small parts with feedback.
DevOps requires a large team as compared to AgileThe work environment of Agile is quite small compared to DevOps
The whole process of software development is equally important.Developing software is the most important aspect of Agile.
Automation is a factor of DevOps as it helps things get speedy.Agile less focuses on automation.
DevOps vs Agile

Similarities of Agile Vs DevOps

Similarities of DevOps vs Agile is as follows

It focuses on continuous development and continuous integration.Agile also prioritizes rapid iteration.
Communication and collaboration are equally important.As agile works on customer feedback so communication is really important.
DevOps increases the efficiency and effectiveness of software development.Agile also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of software development.
similarities of DevOps vs Agile


Both Agile and DevOps work for software development and focuses on improving speed, quality, and software delivery. Both prioritize communication and collaboration, a continuous development cycle. The use of this methodology is in parallel with the requirement matters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Which is better Agile or DevOps? 

It depends on the requirement and the workflow of the software. Where the work is more on operational basics then DevOps would be a great choice.

What’s the difference between DevOps and agile?

The only difference between Agile and DevOps is agile focuses more on customer feedback and DevOps adds operational methods first.

Is DevOps a part of Agile?

No DevOps is not a part of Agile because it doesn’t add value to Agile methodology.

Will DevOps replace Agile?

It is not going to replace Agile as both focuses on different aspects of the software development process.

In what ways does DevOps differ from agile?

There are ways where DevOps is different from Agile is as follows:

  • Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Scope

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