What is Safe Browsing, and how do you turn it on? 

What is Safe Browsing, and how do you turn it on? 

We have created this massive infrastructure that connects the whole world, which is the internet. We have seen a crazy amount of wide varieties of services and software on the internet. And people all over the world discover new things on the internet from time to time. But new things always brought risks and challenge too. In this article, we will know about the importance of safe browsing.

What is Safe Browsing?

The Internet is open to everyone which means anyone can access any information anywhere. But despite these benefits, many people want to misuse the internet and they want to harm the people on the internet. By stealing their private data, and setting them up for some kind of trap to get money from users. Sometimes creating fake websites that mislead users and spread wrong information.

Many of us can avoid these things to save ourselves by

  • Use modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Edge browser, and anyone like these. These are one of the safest browsers out there.
  • Keeping your web browsers and software up to date. Because there is a team behind these that always work on making browsers safe from any bad actions.
  • While browsing through the internet using public WiFi, always use VPN to keep your data safe.
  • Wherever possible use Two Factor authentication to safe login.

But still, in the end, we are human, and mistakes are inevitable. That’s why google came up with Google safe browsing.

Google services are all over the internet and it has the capability to analyze the whole web. So google created this service or feature which is Google Safe Browsing. This service scans the entire web and searches for any harmful website, software or file out there. They maintain a list of these websites and if any users visit them then they display a warning page to not proceed ahead. To know about the website you are visiting is secure or not. You can check here.

Types of Safe Browsing Protection

Google Safe Browsing offers two types of safe browsing protection

  • Standard Protection – It is default-level protection. It is always on in modern-day browsers. After a certain time, it checks for any harmful websites, downloading files, and extensions. Warns the user if they visit any possibly harmful website.
  • Enhanced Protection – Whichever site you visit check it in real-time if that is harmful. And if there is any password breach on any site then it tells you right away. You have to opt-in for this feature. It may only be available in the Google Chrome browser.
Enhanced and Standard Protection options in Chrome.
Enhanced and Standard Protection options in Chrome.

How does Safe Browsing Work?

After a certain time, the Safe browsing feature sends the request to Google’s server to get the latest list of harmful or malicious websites. And then it stores it in your local system. So whenever you visit any website, it checks it with that list to keep browsing safe. It checks the files you are downloading from any website and stops downloading if the file is harmful.

Apart from this, It checks the websites from the client’s side too. If Google found anything suspicious then they warn the owner of the websites too. And you can know more in-depth here.

Why is it necessary?

It is necessary because of so many features like :

  1. Protection – Google safe browsing updates the list constantly to prevent us from accessing any harmful sites that can steal our data.
  2. Malicious Attacks – It warns us beforehand from any phishing or socially engineered website. Which can harm our system and steal any personal information.
  3. Unwanted Software – Tell us if there are any unsafe extensions that can install any malware in our systems. And if the software tries to install any tool it blocks or warns us.
  4. API access for Website Admins – Google provides access to this service to anyone who is the website owner. So that they can make their website safe for the end users.

Is it possible to enable safe browsing in Chrome?

If you are using any modern browser, there is a high chance that it’s already enabled. But if you are not sure and want to check. Here is how you can check or turn it on.

Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • In both Android and iOS, Open Google Chrome
  • In the menu, you can find Settings.
  • Then in Settings, there is Privacy and Security.
  • Then in Privacy and Security, there is Safe Browsing, where we can choose the type of protection.


  • In Google Chrome You can go to the menu after that in Settings.
  • Then you can see the option Privacy and Security.
  • After that, you can see Safe Browsing.
  • In Safe Browsing, you can choose the type of protection that you want.

If you are using other browsers like Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, or anything else. They also have similar steps.


  • Google Safe Browsing is a service by Google that saves users from any malicious activity and harmful websites.
  • Google creates a list of harmful sites and constantly updates it. And when a user visits the websites it matches with the list, if the website is harmful then it informs the user.
  • To prevent yourself from any kind of malicious activity on the web. Use a modern browser like Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, etc.
  • Every modern browser has already enabled the Safe Browsing feature, based on Google Safe Browsing Protocols.
  • Some browsers have additional security too like Brave has a Brave Browser Safety feature.

Frequently Asked Questions to Resolve(FAQs)

What do you mean by Safe Browsing?

Browsing the web without compromising your personal information and avoiding any malicious activity. By using a modern browser, using VPN in public, Two-factor authentication login, etc.

Using Google Safe Browsing service to let browsers know about the purpose of websites before visiting them. So that we can prevent ourselves from becoming a target of any malicious activity.

Should you turn on Google Safe Browsing?

If you are using a modern browser then it’s already enabled. If not then absolutely you should turn on Google Safe Browsing.

Is the safe browser safe?

Any modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, etc is safe to use.

Why is safe browsing so essential?

Safe browsing is essential because it helps in saving us from giving away any personal information to harmful websites. And helps in making the web safer for everyone.

How do you define Safe Browsing?

By practicing standard things like using modern browsers, and VPNs, and keeping strong passwords. And with a combination of Google Safe Browsing features. It helps in browsing the web safely without becoming the target of any malicious activity.

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