codedamn Weekly Challenge #1 – Win swags and Pro membership

codedamn Weekly Challenge #1 – Win swags and Pro membership

In these tough (covid) times, keep your learning streak up. We are excited to announce codedamn weekly challenges – an initiative that will help developers code and win amazing prizes along the way.

In this blog post, let’s discuss what weekly challenges are and how they work.

What are weekly challenges?

Starting this week, we will release a new challenge to test your knowledge and question your coding skills in different languages and tech stacks. These weekly challenges can include a variety of skills, ranging from frontend to backend, and full-stack.

We will supply you with minimum guidelines. As a developer, you have to come up with a project. For frontend projects and challenges, the questions will be open-ended in a way that should allow you to use your imagination to create great projects.

Note: These challenges are 100% free to participate.

This week’s challenge

This week’s challenge is about creating a superhero simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript project. Pick your favorite superhero (e.g., Iron Man, Thor, etc.) and build a small 2-3 page website for them.

Some hints:

You can have multiple pages in this project (you can create powers.html, about.html, past.html, etc. for your superhero)
You can organize them in a navbar with a multiple-page list (E.g., About, Gallery, etc.).
Some sort of image collection for your superhero.
Information about their super-powers.
A working contact page.
Be creative about anything else you can think of.

It will help if you use your imagination to create the most creative page you can. The most creative website will win.

Judging criteria and Prizes

This challenge constraints are relatively simple. Therefore we will have the following pointers as judging criteria:

Technical accomplishment
Creativity of idea
Code quality

We will require at least ten submissions to judge your submission, and the best one will win 1-month codedamn Pro access. This access includes:

All hands-on projects for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more
All interactive courses unlocked
All learning path material unlocked (frontend, backend, and full-stack learning paths)
Priority support for getting unstuck from codedamn


After one week of the declaration of the challenge on our discord server and on our social media pages, we will announce the results.
We will also email the winners and activate their codedamn Pro accounts at the end of the week.

How to participate?

Now that you know what a weekly challenge is and what you have to do, let’s see how you can participate in the following steps:

Create a free codedamn account –

In your dashboard, you’ll see the following preview of an Active Weekly Challenge:

Clicking on Learn More will take you to the current challenge’s instruction page. This page will contain more information on how to attempt, judging criteria, etc. Once you click on the button Start the weekly challenge, you’ll be presented to the following page:

You can see the instructions for the challenge on the left.
You’ll have a multi-file IDE environment in the center that you can use to write your code.
On the right, you’ll have the browser output connected to your code.
If you take a look at the Files section, you’ll see that you can create multiple files:

Use this section to create more pages for your weekly challenge to stand out. Once you’re done, submit your entry by clicking the Submit Challenge below (you can submit multiple times)
Here’s my entry, the first entry ever on these weekly challenges:

You can also browse this entry from this public URL

Once done, share it on Twitter (and tag us) to let us know about your entry.
You can see all entries for the active week from the weekly challenges page: and clicking the Check All Submissions button.

There you go! Now you are ready to take part in the current week’s challenge.


I hope you participate and win our weekly challenge. Show us your desire to learn, and we’ll fuel it with a free codedamn Pro subscription. Are you ready to take the challenge? Tweet us on twitter, and let’s talk.

We are looking forward to your submission.

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