What’s New – October 2022

What’s New – October 2022

Our unified goal, ever since we launched codedamn is to help programmers reach their ultimate potential and become the best developers out there. One year fast forward into this, and we have a community of 150K+ growing developers.

Today, we’re excited to share the latest developments in the month of October.

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Hacktoberfest ended with a blast! We celebrated the month of October in the Open Source spirit with over 150K+ developers across the globe.

With the celebrations of Hacktoberfest, we recognize the belief of giving back to the community, within developers, and honour them by showcasing their work infront of the world.

A total of 75 pull requests were made, which have been successfully merged.

Check them out here: https://codedamn.com/projects

Writer’s Internship

More than 250 of our students’ writings have been featured on codedamn, and they continue to produce quality work. The first batch of the writer internship program at codedamn finished up in October. For the writers, it wasn’t just any part-time job; they hustled, networked, developed lifelong companionship, and learned a tonne every day.

Are you a student who wants to write for codedamn? Keep an eye out here – https://codedamn.com/write

DSA Support

To help you polish your DSA fundamentals, we created an interactive course just for you. The questions that are asked the most frequently during DSA interviews are collected in this course.

Start tackling issues ranging from simple sorting tasks to complex Tree and Graph-based issues.

Check it out here – https://codedamn.com/learn/dsa-basics

Website/Course Search

Want to search for a course? Simply type a related keyword and get the course – yes, it’s that simple now!

We unified the search bar across the platform so that you can quickly search for items without having to navigate anywhere else.

New Partnerships and Instructors

This October, we brought your onboarded your favourite instructors onto codedamn. Hop onto https://codedamn.com/learn/javascript-under-the-hood and learn JavaScript Under The Hood by Brad Traversy.

Thinking about launching your own course? Read more here: https://teach.codedamn.com/

New Terminal

To help you complete your projects in an efficient manner, you can now open up to 6 terminals on codedamn playground. You can also view the running processes on the tab itself. With this, experience much more robust and fast playgrounds than ever before.


I hope you liked the updates from October. There are many more things we’re actively working on for you. If you’d like to see anything on codedamn that is missing, write your feedback here: https://feedback.codedamn.com/

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