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It’s not every day we publish a blog to talk about updates so you already know this is special.

So, what’s it anyway?


codedamn Playgrounds is a platform we’ve built in-house for budding developers to assist them in learning and writing code without ever having to leave the browser. It allows you to get real development experience without having to install all the dependencies on your system and bidding farewell to the space you could’ve saved.

You can harness the capabilities of the platform to build full-fledged applications in Next.js, React, Vue 3, Solidity, and a lot more. Our secret lies in the beautiful Linux emulation we facilitate. Already intrigued? Head over to https://codedamn.com/playgrounds and see it for yourself.

Playgrounds Landing Page

What’s New

A lot of you folks reached out to us asking if you could collaborate with your buddies over the various snippets you created and we couldn’t say no. We now officially support upto 10 collaborators on a project, allowing you and your friends to code your heart out and guess what, you get to manage everything from top to bottom. Playgrounds is officially a multiplayer platform now. Manage Collaborators with the click of a button, see it for yourself below!

codedamn Playgrounds in Action

We are leveraging Operational Transformation, a technology known for supporting a range of collaboration functionalities in advanced collaborative software systems. This allows us to make sure that you and your team focus on coding your heart out instead of worrying about “how” you can do it. 

From a developer’s perspective, the main issue in collaborative editing is to ensure consistency between local replicas, which means that all replicas have to converge to the identical, correct version of the file. Our collaboration protocol, which took a significant amount of time to build and implement, does the same for all the snippets on Playgrounds.

How can I add Collaborators?

Adding your buddies is easier than ever, simply head over to https://codedamn.com/playgrounds, create a new playground or use the ones you created before.

Adding Collaborators

Powered by supercharged hamsters, let the snippet load. Once the hamsters hand over the platform to you, find the button on the top of the screen that reads “Manage Collaborators”.

When you click on the button, you’d be greeted by a pop-up that looks like the one below. Enter the emails of the new collaborators, hit the “Add Collaborator” button and you’re all set!

Manage Collaborators

That’s pretty much it! Also, if you haven’t noticed it already, you can drag and drop files from your system to edit on Playgrounds. How does that sound?

We are super excited to see what you and your friends build on codedamn Playgrounds. Learn to code like it’s 2030 and we’ll be back with more awesome features soon. Create your free account today and get access to the awesome features here.

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