What is tutorial hell and how to get out of it?

What is tutorial hell and how to get out of it?

Are you stuck in ‘Tutorial Hell‘? Do you want to know how to get out of it? Here in this article, we’ll discuss what is tutorial hell and how to escape it!

What is ‘Tutorial Hell’?

Suppose you enrolled in a new course, you follow what the instructor does on the course and watch tutorials after tutorials. You feel like you’ve learned a lot of stuff. But one day you decided to do things on your own and the myth busted! YOU KNOW NOTHING. You’re not able to solve even a basic problem of that course on your own. The problem with tutorial hell is that it gives you a false sense of confidence and fake growth. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry this happens to almost everyone who’s trying to learn new things. When you try to feed every resource available about a topic into your brain, you learn all the unnecessary stuff, leaving you with no good result. It not only wastes your time but also leaves you blank when it comes to building something on your own.

In short, this is what it looks like :

  • You start a tutorial
  • You complete the tutorial
  • You try to build on your own
  • You get stuck and feel like you don’t know anything
  • You start a new tutorial
  • You finish the new tutorial

How to escape?

Tutorial hell should be avoided at all costs. Important is to first realize that you’ve been trapped in one and get out of it as soon as possible. Learning from tutorials is not wrong, but jumping from one to the other with zero retention is just a waste of time.

Some points to help you get out of tutorial hell-

  • As soon as you learn something new, start implementing it on your own. When you build something you get a hands-on experience and that is when you know that you understand this topic.
  • Get your basics cleared before jumping to the complex stuff. For eg- It’s very important to know the fundamentals of vanilla JavaScript before jumping to React.
  • When you deep dive into a topic make sure it’s worth looking for, sometimes we get indulged in unnecessary subtopics so try to find good roadmaps which filter out unimportant topics for you.
  • Take some time before jumping to other tutorials. Let it all sink in!
  • Don’t use every resource that you find on the internet, sticking to one roadmap is always recommended.
  • After watching one tutorial, try to recreate something from your memory and when you get stuck at some point, rewatch the tutorial and learn it again.
  • The desire to learn everything at once leads to learning nothing at all. Complete the tutorials at your own pace.
  • Take notes of everything you learn. Humans tend to learn things faster when they make handwritten notes about the topic. Highlight the key points so that you can just go through them when needed.
  • Be consistent while learning new things as it’ll help you get better results. Taking long breaks will break your streak and you’re more likely to get stuck too often.
  • To get a deep understanding of something you should try to explain it like you’re explaining it to a 5-year-old. Trust me, this trick works like a wonder.


I hope this article will help you at some point of time when you’re learning new things.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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