Introducing Karma

Karma is the virtual entity you gain by the exemplary services that you have done for the Codedamn Community, this could be replying to the questions on our Community Page or in the discord or by helping others with their brain scratching problems.

The Actions and Karma are mentioned in the table below

Event / Action Karma Rewarded
Community Post 5
Community Post Answer Upvote 10/vote
Community Post Answer Downvote -2/vote
Discord Message 0.1/message
Someone likes your Project Submission 10/like
Add a post on social Tab 1/post
Someone Follows You 1/per follow
Comment on Course Discussions 0.1/ per reply per 10 min
Comment on Project Submission 1/per comment
Community Post Question Upvote 5/per vote
Community Post Question Downvote 1/per vote  

Why do we need Karma when XP points already exist?

eXperience Points are just meant to calculate your experience as you learn, complete labs and projects. Whereas, Karma Coins are the means to calculate the value that a user has provided to the Codedamn Community by helping others with their code/bugs and sharing useful information with the rest.

What will I get with more Karma?

We have set certain milestones on the Karma timeline if you reach the desired amount of Karma you’ll unlock certain superpowers or gifts along the way. If you are able to keep the streak and get a lump sum of Karma you’ll have the superpower to edit others community posts to correct errors and mistakes and get a Discord moderator role in our discord server

How will I check my Current Karma?

You can check your current Karma by visiting your profile page. You can navigate to the profile page by clicking on your profile icon and selecting the view profile page from the home page, or else you can directly visit your profile page by your username. If your username is Cod3rmax you can visit it at

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