#1 Codecademy Alternative

Try the best codecademy alternative available today and get beyond basic handholding. Learn coding by building real world projects in real environments.

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codedamn is the #1 Codecademy alternative.

As a codecademy alternative, we offer highest quality in-browser interactive courses. Experience interactive courses entirely online - a perfect blend of theory and practicals right inside your browser.
10x more engaging, higher quality, cheaper, and a stellar experience for you.

Interactive Projects
Learning Paths
  • Codedamn is a super slick platform that teaches an in demand tech stack and they have frontend and fullstack paths. It's great to start with because the practice exercises and tasks are completed in the browser in a super cool IDE👾.
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  • For my full-stack learning path, I chose @codedamncom over other options like Masai, Newton, etc. Here's why I choose it and why you should too. A 🧵1) The subscription cost is just bare minimum and aligns perfectly with their goal that is to produce a large number of devs.read more...

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    Sandeep Tomar
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  • I have enrolled in the paid Solidity course brought forth by codedamncom and honestly, it is extremely good!
    1) The speaker is well versed in Solidity and the environment that Codedamn provides for learning and interaction is very impressive✨read more...

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    Tanishka Borkar✨
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More Benefits + More Coding Included

A structured curriculum designed and taught by the best in the industry with lifetime access

You learn in real environments

On codecademy, you usually end up working in simulated environments that are not real, or are heavily abstracted and oversimplified. This means that you will face a hard time transferring your skills to a real job. At codedamn, you write code without us getting in between.
As a strong alternative to codecademy, we give you a fast, performant environment and guide you on how to write real-world code.

Lifetime access with unlimited future updates

One size doesn't fit all. We offer a broad range of pricing options - from a monthly subscription to lifetime access of learning paths.

Frontend Learning Path icon

Frontend Learning Path

Learn to create amazing user interfaces & experiences

65+ hours of lectures, labs & projectsBecome a Frontend Developer
Backend Learning Path icon

Backend Learning Path

Learn to write code that can interact with databases & APIs

40+ hours of lectures, labs & projectsBecome a Backend Developer
Fullstack Learning Path icon

Fullstack Learning Path

Learn to write production-ready code & create workflows

90+ hours of lectures, labs & projectsBecome a Fullstack Developer
Web 3.0 Learning Path icon

Web 3.0 Learning Path

Hop on the blockchain wagon & build for the community

30+ hours of lectures, labs & projectsBecome a Blockchain Developer

Developers Love Using Codedamn

  • Day by Day, @codedamncom, is making me a Front-End Superman. 🦸‍♂️

    Manuraj Shukla 💯
  • I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find. codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of contents is unmatchable...

    Bhumika Chauhan
  • I'm loving the platform so far and how quickly it's developing. You guys are blowing away the competition in every aspect.

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Great community support is bundled

At codedamn, we regularly hold programs like 30-Day Cohort Accelerators, 100 Days of Projects, 30 Days of Solidity and more. Combined with our Strong Discord Community of 10k+ developers, the support you will get and connections you will make are unmatched.

Codedamn Discord Server
Codedamn vs Codecademy

Codedamn is an excellent alternative to codecademy in 2023 to kickstart your developer career.

Benefitcodedamn (#1 Alternative)Codecademy
100+ frontend, backend, full-stack projects
Guided and step-by-step projects
Linux powered practice with playgrounds
Become job ready and build your portfolio
Highly structured learning paths
Interactive courses
Lifetime plans
Community support on discord

Best Pricing Plans



  • Coding Courses
  • In-browser Coding Labs



  • Coding Courses
  • In-browser Coding Labs
  • Custom Tailored Learning Paths
  • AI Powered Learning Experience
  • 1000+ Interview Practice Problems
  • 100+ Coding Projects
  • AWS/DevOps Labs
  • Learning Path Certification
  • Interview Preparation Kit (Beta Access)



  • Coding Courses
  • In-browser Coding Labs
  • Custom Tailored Learning Paths
  • AI Powered Learning Experience
  • 1000+ Interview Practice Problems
  • 100+ Coding Projects
  • AWS/DevOps Labs
  • Learning Path Certification
  • Interview Preparation Kit (Beta Access)
  • Single Sign-on Login
  • Dedicated Support Engineer
  • Organization Management and Detailed Reports
  • Custom Branding
  • Private Learning Paths

What's included in Pro

  • Self-paced interactive courses

  • Access to cohort based courses (accelerators)

  • Learn: interactive courses, in-depth videos, clear summaries

  • Practice: Unlimited playgrounds and course lab practice time

  • Apply: engaging challenges, several projects, quizzes

  • 50+ hands-on projects to practice and add to your portfolio

  • Official course and learning path certifications from codedamn

  • Get roadmaps, cheatsheets and job support(beta)

  • Latest updates to all platform courses and features

  • 24x7 Premium Community Support

Frequently Asked Questions

codedamn's step-by-step learning format with interactivity is better than a video course. We offer a batteries included IDE with powerful features for editing and sharing code in multiple languages, which we bundled with in-depth structured courses and practical exercises.