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C++ Programming Bootcamp

A Complete C++ Course Focused on Problem Solving that will Expand into All C++ Can Do

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Course Instructor: Derek BanasLast updated 09/2023

Course Outcomes

  • The Core C++ Language at a Deep Level
  • How to Solve Real Programming Problems with a Focus on Teaching Problem Solving Skills
  • Complete understanding of Object Oriented Programming that can be used in other languages
  • Master Complex Object Oriented Concepts like : Polymorphism, Templates, Operator Overloading, Abstract Classes, Polymorphic Templates
  • Master other Concepts like Pointers, Threads, Malloc, Iterators & more
  • Understand Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns & more


A Course Focused on Teaching How to Solve Problems

Do you want to develop the skills required to solve real world programming problems? This course will turn you into a real C++ programmer that has a complete understanding of everything C++ can do! Most tutorials are just video versions of cheat sheets. This course is different. It teaches you how to solve problems like you will have to do in the real world. It does that by making you solve ever increasingly complex problems.

Don’t worry. I will be there to help along the way. I work through the solutions and also provide heavily commented code and quizzes that will turn you into a C++ Master! This course provides numerous problems followed by their solutions while teaching the core language.

Start Slow and Aim to Learn Everything

We start by installing C++ on Windows and MacOS. The core language will then be taught. Between each main lesson I’ll break down the solutions through diagrams. You will get access to this course along with all the heavily commented code, quizzes and assignments!

You’re ready to become a C++ Master and this course will get you there! Learn to solve real problems and advance your career to the next level. I’ll be there to help for each step.

Course Structure

189 lectures17h 6m total duration

  Course Introduction (Watch video)
  Setup VSC & C++ for Windows (Watch video)
  Setup VSC & C++ for Mac 

Student feedback

Course Rating







Profile picture for Rohith
Sep 19, 2023
Very Useful course..
Profile picture for Ravi Kumar Gupta
Jun 07, 2023
During Course Journey,I have face many issue during tasks and contents provide by this course . Firstly we have task run which are provided during course and run. But unfortunately codes run fails And check whole code but no error found in codes and logic.But after some time code run copy paste whole code. I don't know why.Secondly problem is that ,In c++ mainly topic like oops concepts did not explain very well.He directly jump to coding.Due to this without concept understand We directly jump to coding and try to practising question.and facing many issue due to lack of understanding concepts.I suggest to you very humble Please improvement in contents and added theory part to understand what are trying to saying to user or students.Please added theory+concepts+labs+quizzes.Also Please Increase number of ask of question to jarvis. During course journey.Because of after two or three days asking to take purchasing membership.Which is not correct. Please correct this. I hope to this review take seriously to future student which are carrier in c++. Thank you
Profile picture for Baba Phaneendhar
Jun 04, 2023
no basics are covered
Profile picture for Cihan Yalçın
Feb 26, 2023
I would be happier if the lecturer would teach us before show us how it works.During the whole course he showed every 4 topics in a single video.It's for people who has knowledge in C/C++,not for beginners.
Profile picture for Diego Ángel Patiño Ruiz
Feb 22, 2023
Its just the start right now, but I actually think I will learn a lot
Profile picture for Jaid Pirjade
Jan 19, 2023
Good Course
Profile picture for Rakesh Yadav
Jan 04, 2023
need homework exercises
Profile picture for Ayush Raj
Dec 21, 2022
course must have more coding questions
Profile picture for Mayank Raj
Dec 19, 2022
This Course is very good i am loving it
Profile picture for sathya sagar.c
Dec 10, 2022
good explanation of all concept

Course Instructor

Derek Banas
Some People Want to Watch the World Learn
Derek Banas
4.8 Instructor rating
32 Ratings
316 Students
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Derek has a passion for educating people! He has worked in the technology field on a professional level for 26 years. He has been making educational videos for over 10 years. His goal is to empower ot...View profile

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  • 100+ coding courses
  • Certificate of completion
  • Hands-on practice
  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
  • AWS cloud sandboxes
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