Winning steps

codedamn'sXP & Ranking System

The XP System in codedamn is simple, you get XP for learning and practicing. Based on this XP, you are given a Rank. Higher the Rank, higher you will be in the leaderboard.

The Streak System

The streak system rewards your consistency and dedication. It encourages you to commit time to your learning journey each day.

Here's how it works:

  1. You earn a Streak XP of 100 XP when you use the platform for at least 10 minutes a day.
  2. The streak bifurcates into two parts:
    • When you use the platform for 10 minutes.
    • When you accomplish your selected daily goal (30 mins, 60 mins, or 120 mins).

    * You can select your daily goal from the dashboard. If you've already earned your first and second streak, changing the goal won't reset the streak. Instead, it will change the goal from the next day.

  3. You receive additional XP when you reach your daily goal:
    • 30 mins: 100 XP extra
    • 60 mins: 200 XP extra
    • 120 mins: 300 XP extra
  4. If you maintain a streak for seven consecutive days, you receive a bonus of 300 XP.
  5. If you don't use the app for a day, your streak is frozen, and you don't earn any XP. However, your streak will continue.
  6. * If your streak breaks for two or more days, the streak resets.

XP, Rank, and Levels

Experience Points (XP) reflect your progress and accomplishments on the platform. You earn XP by completing tasks, maintaining streaks, and achieving your daily goals.

Ways to earn XPReward
Finish all questions100 XP
Streaks and goals
Daily check-in100 XP
Reach daily goal: 30 minutes100 XP
Reach daily goal: 60 minutes200 XP
Reach daily goal: 120 minutes300 XP
Achieve a 7-day streak300 XP
Complete a quiz from any course5 XP
Complete an article from any course10 XP
Complete a video from any course20 XP
Complete a lab item from any course50 XP
Complete a course250 XP
Complete an Easy project100 XP
Complete a Medium project200 XP
Complete a Hard project300 XP
Complete an Easy problem100 XP
Complete a Medium problem200 XP
Complete a Hard problem300 XP
Get upvotes on your comment/post in community forum5 XP

Your XP determines your Rank in the coding learning journey:

0 <= XP <= 99
dummy profile pictureNovice
100 <= XP <= 599
dummy profile pictureBeginner
600 <= XP <= 1599
dummy profile pictureRookie
1600 <= XP <= 3099
dummy profile pictureAmateur
3100 <= XP <= 5099
dummy profile pictureHustler
5100 <= XP <= 7599
dummy profile pictureElite
7600 <= XP <= 10599
dummy profile pictureChampion
10600 <= XP <= 14099
dummy profile pictureExpert
14100 <= XP <= 18099
dummy profile pictureMaster
18100 <= XP <= 22599
dummy profile pictureGrand Master
22600 <= XP <= 27599
dummy profile pictureSupreme Master
27600 <= XP
dummy profile pictureLegend

* These ranks not only represent your progress but also serve as milestones in your coding journey.


Levels are smaller, achievable categorization of your coding journey based on the XP you earn. Each rank represents a set of levels.

The transition from one level to another is an indication of your growth and learning. It's a significant achievement and shows that you've mastered a particular set of coding skills.


Gamification can make learning to code an exciting and rewarding journey. Our Streak system, XP, Ranks, and Levels are designed to motivate you, track your progress, and celebrate your achievements.

Remember, consistency is key. The more you grow with the platform, the faster you'll level up.

Happy Coding!