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Image for BirdApp-Project


Something similar to twitter clone

Created a month ago

Image for Discord UI Clone

Discord UI Clone

Tried to make a discord clone

Created a month ago

Image for Calculator


Basically, this is a calcutator clone. I tried to implement Grid layout for the design and added event listeners for each button. To calculate the result, used "eval()" function. Please feel free to review and suggestions are welcome.

Created a month ago

Image for ToDo App

ToDo App

This is a ToDo application, where you can add tasks, edit, delete and mark as complete. Please review my work. Feedback/suggestions are welcome

Created a month ago

Image for HTML Landing Page

HTML Landing Page

Created 6 months ago

Image for Multiverse HTML5 Photo Gallery Project

Multiverse HTML5 Photo Gallery Project

Implemented most of the functionalities using JS as per the requirement. Few of them are 1. Dynamically rendered the UI by using Array. 2. A popUp for every image 3. Close button to close the PopUp 4. Previous and Next arrows are completely functional. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thanks🙌

Created 6 months ago

Image for Html5-massively-landing-page


Created 6 months ago

Image for Quiz App

Quiz App

A real time quiz application, that has a timer. For every wrong answer 10 seconds will be deducted from the timer and time left will be the final score. Highscores will be stored in localstorage. First 2 highscores will be displayed.

Created 6 months ago

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Created 10 days ago

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Created 19 days ago

Icon for videoGameApi


Created 19 days ago

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Created 19 days ago

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Created 25 days ago

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Created 25 days ago

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Created 25 days ago


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