NTLM Hash Generator

The NTLM hash is a unique string of characters that is generated when a user's password is hashed using the MD5 algorithm. It can also be generated with any other hashing algorithm, such as SHA1 or SHA-2. The NTLM hash is used to verify the authenticity of network connections made by clients on behalf of an authenticated user. This allows applications to authenticate users without exposing their account details (i.e., password) over unencrypted channels like Telnet or VNC

The NTLM protocol is an authentication protocol used in various Microsoft network protocols, such as SMB. It's a successor to Kerberos and was developed by Microsoft to allow authentication without requiring passwords on every connection.

How does NTLM work?

NTLM uses the concept of a challenge/response protocol to authenticate users. The server (on which the application/SQL Server resides) generates a random number and encrypts using the user's password hash and sends it to the user. The client machine then uses its own copy of the password hash to decrypt this and send back to the server.

This allows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication for all network applications like SQL, IIS Web servers etc., including SQL service accounts that run on these machines as well as external applications such as Outlook Express running under Windows 95 or 98 operating systems without requiring any special configuration changes in order for them access those resources remotely over TCP/IP connections using Kerberos delegation protocol instead of NTLM security protocol based on Diffie Hellman key exchange technique described above


This tool helps you generate NTLM hash for your applications and websites.

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