Chat App with Node.js

Building a chat app with Node.js. This will test your WebSocket programming abilities and how you can write real-time communication code.


Project Description

Your challenge is to create a real-time chat application using Node.js. This project will hone your backend development skills and give you hands-on experience with WebSocket for real-time two-way communication between the client and the server. You'll build a Node.js server that can handle WebSocket connections and broadcast messages to all connected clients. The app should allow users to:

  • Join a common chat room or create private rooms.
  • Send and receive messages in real-time.

This project will primarily involve Node.js and additional libraries such as Express for setting up the server and socket.io for managing WebSocket connections. Remember to write clean and maintainable code, and consider security best practices to protect user data and prevent common vulnerabilities.

Once you complete your chat app, you can share it with the community to get feedback and suggestions for improvement. Good luck and happy coding!

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Ready? Start Building

Includes the necessary assets, design files, style guide and a README file to help you with each step of the project.


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