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Next.js - The React Framework

Next.js is an open-source web development framework built on top of Node.js enabling React-based web applications functionalities such as server-side rendering and generating static websites. Next.js has a lot of features like:

  • Page-based routing (create a page by putting components in /pages)
  • A built-in router (no need to install React Router)
  • API routes (write backend code using Node.js in /pages/api)
  • Super fast builds for development / production (see saved changes instantly)
  • Image and font optimization
  • Built-in ESLint and TypeScript support

Next.js is widely used by the biggest and most popular companies all over the world like Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, or Twitch. It's also considered as one of the fastest-growing React frameworks, perfect to work with static sites

Top companies using Next.js:

  • Netflix
  • GitHub
  • Nike
  • Hulu
  • Vercel
  • TikTok
  • DoorDash
  • Replit

Next.js in your browser

Next.js is now one of the most popular React frameworks for building super fast, and super SEO-friendly Jamstack websites. Although Next.js is super fast, the codedamn Next.js online compiler helps you get started with Next.js even faster! No local installations needed, start developing your Next.js app from within your browser right away!

Pros of Next.js for developers

If you want to build a complex and demanding application, React development nature of Next.js allows for saving a lot of time. Developers especially favor features like:

  1. Zero Config - Next allows you to focus on the business logic of your application instead of the application logic. And to help you, it provides automatic compilation and bundling. In other words, Next is optimized for production right from the start.

  2. Incremental Static Regeneration - it allows you to update the pages by re-rendering them in the background as traffic comes in. So in other words, static content can become dynamic.

  3. Hybrid of server side rendering SSR and static site generation SSG - prerender pages at build time or request time in a single project.

  4. TypeScript support - automatic TypeScript configuration and compilation.

  5. Fast Refresh - fast, live-editing experience - edits made on React components are live within seconds. It works analogically to Hot Module Replacement (HMR).

  6. CSS parsers - possibility to import CSS files from a JavaScript file. New parses improved handling of CSS.

  7. Built-in Image Component and Automatic Image Optimization - this feature automatically optimizes images

  8. Automatic code splitting - automatically reduce the size of the page by splitting the code and serving components only when needed. Modules can be automatically imported too, thanks to the dynamic import option.

  9. Data fetching options - this option allows rendering the content in different ways, accordingly to the app's use case. It can be done by pre-rendering with server side rendering SSR or static site generation and by updating or creating content with ISR.

Codedamn Next.js Compiler

The codedamn online compiler utilizes the power of cloud computing to give you a fast and reliable coding experience. When you boot the online Bun compiler, a docker container is started on a remote linux computer. This docker container is already setup with Next.js 12+ which runs your app and check for any errors or problems. As your code is executed, the output / errors will show up on the integrated terminal of the online Next.js compiler.

Try out the Next.js online compiler

Simply edit the pages/index.js file and watch the changes render on your browser preview, For example, try changing the "Welcome to Next.js!" message

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