TypeScript Developer Course in 2023 – Beginner to Expert

TypeScript Developer Course in 2023 – Beginner to Expert

Learn TypeScript, leverage its Power to Create Production-Grade Web Applications and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

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Course Instructor: Muslim helalee

Course Outcomes

  • Learn and understand what TypeScript is
  • Solve Challenges to Solidify Beginner to Advanced TypeScript Concepts
  • Learn How TypeScript Leverages Modern JavaScript
  • Learn All the Advanced Features of TypeScript
  • Learn to Create TypeScript Modules and Master Modern Techniques
  • Single-File Compilation with Webpack
  • Understand TypeScript Documentation and Source Code
  • Learning Advanced Types such as Type Queries, Conditional Types
  • Understand & Write Custom TypeScript Declaration Files

Course Structure

233 lectures20h 59m total duration

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  Before Starting this Course 
  What is TypeScript? 
  TypeScript v/s JavaScript 
  TypeScript Playground 

About This Course

This course aims to provide a thorough understanding of TypeScript, a JavaScript superset that considerably simplifies JavaScript coding while minimizing bugs. TypeScript enables early detection of errors during development, saving you valuable debugging time.

The surge in TypeScript's popularity has made it an essential component of front and back end web development. In fact, TypeScript is compatible with trending web frameworks like Angular, React, Vue and can be incorporated in JavaScript runtimes for developing backend web applications. With the modern web demanding type safety and scalability, TypeScript has become an integral part of the web development landscape and interviews.

Our course takes a stepwise approach, starting with basic TypeScript and how it works with primitive JavaScript data types. To reinforce the foundational concepts, you'll encounter various challenges throughout the course.

As we progress and you gain familiarity with basic TypeScript, we'll gradually delve into more complex concepts including generics, type narrowing & widening, and interfaces. For each major topic, a dedicated challenge section ensures your grasp and retention of the learnings.

The course also covers Object-Oriented Programming in TypeScript, followed up with advanced challenges for a deeper understanding. Next, we'll consider the advanced TypeScript types, reading TypeScript documentation and source code, and decoding TypeScript declarations files.

Understanding the motive behind TypeScript's creation - facilitating medium to large scale applications - we'll take you through TypeScript modules. Learn how to break a large project into manageable files and directories, simplifying maintenance and scalability. We'll discuss exporting, importing, re-exporting, module resolution, and other advanced techniques used regularly in TypeScript projects.

Finally, as a browser cannot directly render TypeScript, we'll use a third-party module bundler to compile a TypeScript-based web application with webpack for single file compilation.

With an easy-to-follow approach, this course is designed to empower you to navigate TypeScript effectively, making it a strong contributor to your web development skill set.

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Course Requirements

  • Understanding of JavaScript

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Course Instructor

Muslim helalee
Full-Stack Web Developer and Instructor
Muslim helalee
4.7 Instructor rating
3 Ratings
32 Students

Hi Everyone! I don't come from a Computer Science or Software Engineering kind of background. I have studied Mechanical Engineering. But, due to my passion and love for coding, I got into programming...View profile

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  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
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