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Cypress Full Course - End to end testing tool for the modern web

Learn how to do end to end testing with Cypress - the testing tool built for modern web

2 hours+ of total content
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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Testing real world websites with Cypress
  • How to setup Cypress and environment
  • How to test various common cases with Cypress
  • Advanced features and under the hood working


Testing your code is the quickest way to move forward fast, because you can deploy with confidence. Cypress is a superb end-2-end testing framework, which allows you to test applications with ease due to it’s architecture and asynchronous web support out of the box.

In this whole course, we will learn about how you can test websites with Cypress having common, and edge cases, and some of the best practices you should follow while testing.

We will also learn about how Cypress really works, and how you can extend the functionality of the tool.

Course Structure

32 lectures 02:33:49 total duration

  Introduction (Watch video)
  How it works 
  Course outcome and pre-reqs 
  Installing Node 

Student feedback

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profile pic for Kamal nayan
Sep 11, 2022
Need more practice test playground in this course, currently there are none .
profile pic for Moyez Rabbani
Sep 09, 2022
PLEASE UPDATE THIS COURSE! This course was recorded way back in 2020 and as of in Sept 2022, a lot has changed with cypress. We are not able to understand what you are teaching and please try to add a way in which the students can practice what you are doing in the videos.
profile pic for Sarbkalyan Singh
Aug 28, 2022
Great Way of Explanation
profile pic for Lakhan Raut
Jul 18, 2022
thank you such a awesome course
profile pic for Poise-Paul
Jun 20, 2022
Loving it

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