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Terraform Masterclass

Master Terraform and manage your infrastructure using code like a PRO.

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  • Understanding Infrastructure as Code - Terraform
  • Working with Terraform providers, resources, variables, outputs.
  • Working with Terraform modules
  • Working and understanding Terraform workspaces, Terraform data source
  • Working with Provisioners, locals, null-resources
  • Setting up and working Terraform cloud
  • Breaking the configuration files
  • Managing the state file on local and remote


In this course, we will learn about Infrastructure as Code and Terraform. Terraform is one of the most famous and widely used Infrastructure as Code tool in the IT industry. We will look at an introduction to Infrastructure as Code, Different tools of IaC, Setting up Terraform on linux and windows machines.

We will also look at the various concepts of Terraform like providers, resources, outputs, variables, creating infra on AWS, Authenticating to AWS, Terraform workflow, Data source, provisioners, meta-arguments, tainting and alternative to tainting, null-resources, Terraform workspaces, managing Terraform state file on the local machine and remote machine, Using Terraform modules to make the infra code reuable, Terraform cloud, Terraform data types and lots of other concepts that will help you start working with Terraform to create and manage infrastructure on AWS using code.

In this course, I have covered all the important concepts that you will end up using in your day to day activities. All the sessions will have hands-on examples so that you can practise them along with the videos and there are also assignments and quiz available for most of the sections, so that you will be more comfortable with the concepts that we have covered in this course.

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106 lectures 09:38:03 total duration

  Understanding Infrastructure as Code (Watch video)
  Infrastructure as Code benefits (Watch video)
  Infrastructure as code tools 
  Quiz Question 

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it is good

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Working as DevOps Engineer and have over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and in teaching. I teach cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and various DevOps tools like Git & GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, ECS, EKS and many other latest DevOps tools. I have been doing this for a long time now and have trained a lot of students in cloud and DevOps tools.

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  • 24x7 mentorship support
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
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