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Backend Web Development with Python

Learn backend web development, APIs and website development with Python

3 hours+ of total content
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Course Creator: Husein Nasser


  • Beginner Python developers interested in building HTTP web APIs in Python
  • Experienced Python developers who want to expose their Python libraries as a web service for other developers
  • Data scientists who want to do heavy computational workload on the backend using vanilla Python or Jupyter notebooks
  • Developers who want to use Python to build APIs that write to a backend database


Do you know Python and want to take it to the next level? How about writing a website in Python, or an API so your fellow developers can consume in JSON over simple HTTP. With the boom of microservices and API, developers who are used to working with Python writing scripts can now take their knowledge to the backend.

This interactive course will teach you the basic of web servers, how to setup the Python Web server and write interesting cool applications on the backend. By the end of the course you will be read to take on the world and write your own services and APIs, read and write from databases, do sophisticated load balancing on your Python services, work with Jupyter notebooks and much much more!

The course includes multiple interactive labs to help you practice what you're learning, as you go.

Course Structure

30 lectures 03:12:07 total duration

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profile pic for Rahul S. Poudel
Nov 18, 2022
Been following you on Youtube from a long time. Thank you for this course. Looking forward to other awesome contents from you.

Your Course Instructor

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Husein Nasser

Software Engineer, Author

Join me as we discuss various software engineering topics with examples and add fun elements to them. We always try to learn by example here in this educational Youtube channel which we believe is the right way to learn. I love Software engineering (especially the backend) and I strive to be a better software engineer every day. Join me on this journey and let us learn together.

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