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Learn Practical Regular Expressions

Master Regular Expressions (Regex) for any programming language through practical exercises

4 hours+ of total content
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Course Creator: Kyrylo Yefimenko


  • Basics of Regular Expressions
  • Quantifiers (number of characters): ranges, at least one, one or none, etc
  • Shortcuts through character classes and groups
  • The concept of alternation
  • Understanding lookaround: lookahead & lookbehind
  • Understanding parenthesis & how they are used in easy and complex situations


This course for anyone who wants to know how to use regular expressions to save their time when working with any kind of text based medium.

The course can be used to apply the regular expressions in any Programming language ranging from Python to C#. Any tool that supports regular expressions will allow you to benefit from this course. Think about regular expressions for grep, excel, or even google analytics. The regular expressions cheat sheets that are provided at the end of each section will help you to hold the knowledge outside the course!

This course is very practical and will focus on real-life examples. It is appropriate for any knowledge level: beginner, intermediate or advanced and contains regular expressions cheat sheets. The content is also divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. In each of those levels, increasingly difficult regular expression concepts will be discussed in a practical manner through exercises. We will always be focusing on how we can write and apply our regular expressions to real-life examples so when you finish the course, you will have the experience required to write any regular expression you might need. And there are more than 45 examples that will help you with that!

Course Structure

81 lectures 04:30:34 total duration

  Who, What, How & Why (Watch video)
  Tools we are going to use: Regex101 (Watch video)
  How Regular Expressions work 

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Kyrylo Yefimenko

Senior Software Engineer

I got a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Computation and have been working as a Software Engineer for the last 4+ years. I really think that Software Engineering is not a career, but a learning path. Hence, I constantly advocate for continuous learning. I've always mentored people who needed it. Be that in technical subjects, psychological guidance or career changes. This is exactly why I'm here trying to pass you all the valuable information I have!

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