Master Node.JS in Hindi

Master Node.JS in Hindi

Master Backend Development with NodeJS

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Course Instructor: Piyush Garg

Course Outcomes

  • Working with NodeJS
  • Building HTTP Servers and APIs with Express and NodeJS
  • Building Authentication and Authorisation
  • Working with JSON Web Tokens and Cookies
  • MongoDB and Mongoose ODM
  • Building Realtime applications with WebSockets

Course Structure

43 lectures11h 45m total duration

  What is NodeJS? 
  NodeJS Installation and Setup 
  Hello World 
  Hello World Lab 

About This Course

Namaste and welcome to the course tailored for those embarking on their backend development journey. With over 10 hours of video content and interactive labs, this course is your gateway to mastering Node.js in the most practical way possible. We start with the basics, introducing you to Node.js and its essential built-in modules like 'http' and 'filesystem (fs)', which are the building blocks for creating servers and managing files.

As you grow comfortable with the fundamentals, we'll guide you through the exciting process of building APIs using Express and testing them with Postman. You'll also get your hands dirty with database operations by integrating MongoDB and Mongoose to develop a functional URL shortener app. But we don't stop there; you'll learn to fortify your applications by implementing simple authentication with JWT tokens, a skill crucial for any web developer.

The learning curve continues as you embark on creating real-world projects. From a Discord Bot to a blog application, you'll gain the experience needed to build and deploy meaningful projects. And to cap it all off, you'll dive into the world of real-time communication by crafting a simple chat app with WebSockets and, a must-have skill in today's interactive web environment.This course isn't just about learning; it's about applying your knowledge to kickstart or advance your career in web development. Enroll in the course to learn and building simle projects to understand and apply your knowledge on Node.

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This course is interactive

Interactive courses include hands-on coding exercises to practice as you learn. You practice exercises in a VS Code like IDE without any installation/setup.

Screenshot of codedamn IDE

Course Requirements

  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript

Student Feedback

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Profile picture for Pavan Reddy
Feb 19, 2024
nice explanation
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Feb 05, 2024
Can't access the lab module

Course Instructor

Piyush Garg
Full-stack Developer
Piyush Garg
4.7 Instructor rating
1.6k Ratings
20.2k Students
11 Courses

Hi, I am Piyush and I love to explore new technologies and frameworks. I work as a freelancer in various domains such as the Backend engineer, AWS Cloud solution architect, etc. Fun fact about me: ...View profile

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  • 100+ coding courses
  • Certificate of completion
  • Hands-on practice
  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
  • AWS cloud sandboxes
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