Master Firebase for Flutter Beginners

Master Firebase for Flutter Beginners

Authentication, Database and Storage Mastery - Android & IOS

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Course Instructor: Rahul Agarwal

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the core concepts of Firebase and how it serves as a powerful backend for Flutter applications.
  • Learn to implement email-password authentication for user registration and login, ensuring secure access to your app.
  • Explore integrating Google Sign-In functionality to provide a seamless authentication experience using users' Google accounts.
  • Master Firestore, Firebase's real-time database, and grasp CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for dynamic data storage.
  • Dive into Firebase security rules to enforce proper access controls, preventing unauthorized actions and safeguarding user data.
  • Understand how Firestore's real-time capabilities enable live updates to app data, creating dynamic and engaging user experiences.
  • Learn about Firebase Cloud Storage and discover how to upload, retrieve, and manage user-generated content, like images, efficiently.
  • Bring it all together by creating a basic todo application that incorporates authentication, Firestore for data storage, Firebase Storage for image uploads, and security rules, providing a hands-on project to reinforce the learned concepts.

Course Structure

27 lectures5h 1m total duration

  Understanding Firebase Products 
  Setup Firebase into Project 

About This Course

If you are already a Flutter developer and want to be a full stack developer. Then You must know how to integrate backend Services. The most commonly used database with Flutter is Firebase. There are lot of jobs around this new framework but the supply of skilled developers are less. So its high time that we upgrade our skill and grab those opportunities as soon as possible. You will learn how to integrate Firebase in this course which is enough to get you started applying for your entry level dream job.

Flutter is free, and open-source Software Development Kit used to develop high performing cross platform applications with a single code base. The real perk of choosing Flutter with Firebase as backend is that it offers you a complete package of application management. Right from cloud storage to real-time database, hosting to authentication services, Firebase will provide everything at one place and seamlessly meet the needs of the startups.

What you will learn in this Course ?

  1. Firebase Project Setup
  2. Integrating Firebase into Flutter
  3. Authentication using Email Password
  4. Sign In with Google
  5. Integrating Firebase Database
  6. CRUD operations
  7. Security Rules
  8. Build a Note Application
  9. Firebase Storage
  10. Upload and Retrieving Images
  11. Image Compression
  12. Caching Network Image
  13. Upload Multiple Images

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Course Requirements

  • Basic programming knowledge and familiarity with Flutter fundamentals.
  • IDE setup with Flutter and Dart, along with a Google account.
  • Motivation to learn and explore Firebase and Flutter concepts.

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Course Instructor

Rahul Agarwal
Expert in Flutter and Blockchain application development
Rahul Agarwal
4.2 Instructor rating
39 Ratings
848 Students
15 Courses

I am an experienced Flutter and Blockchain application developer. I conduct workshops where I am building a community of tech enthusiast. I am well versed in production level application and how to wr...View profile

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  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
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