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Git Learning Journey - Learn Git (Version Control)

An online course to learn and (actually) understand the basics of Git (version control) and a bit of GitHub!

2 hours+ of total content
105 ratings
888 students enrolled
Course Creator: Anna Skoulikari

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Heads up!

This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Working with Git
  • Understanding what is Version Control
  • Difference between Git and GitHub
  • Understanding about Distributed Version Control
  • Becoming comfortable working with git repos
  • Simple explanations for git concepts


The 3 main goals of this course are to:

  1. Build a mental model of Git (version control)
  2. Provide simple explanations
  3. Make how Git works tangible

In this course I explain the basics of Git (version control) in a visual and simple manner. I covers some of the basics of GitHub. I introduce one concept at a time and build from the beginning to the end incrementally. I introduce every new term so that beginners and more experienced folk can follow the course alike!

I want to make sure everyone can get as much out of this course as possible.

Course Structure

43 lectures 02:51:09 total duration

  Introducing Git (Watch video)
  Using the terminal and installing Git (Watch video)
  Check git version 
  Preparing Git settings (Watch video)
  Adding git config settings 
  Making our first project directory (Watch video)

Student feedback

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profile pic for krunal dhavle
May 16, 2022
good great
profile pic for Anas Ansari
May 15, 2022
not good
profile pic for Poise-Paul
May 13, 2022
The git lessons is going well
profile pic for Ramnath Repakula
May 13, 2022
Learning video for windows is missing.
profile pic for Rakshit Virmani
May 12, 2022
This course systematically teaches you about git and github , makes you aware about all the necessary commands

Your Course Instructor

Course Instructor Image

Anna Skoulikari

Content creator

Hi, I’m Anna (-: You can follow my work teaching Git and other tech topics on my instagram called @techjourney_with_anna. When I started my first job as a frontend dev I held my breath with fear whenever I had to do anything (I deemed) complicated using Git (half the time believing I was going to destroy the entire repository). And I realised I needed to master it if I was going to continue with confidence on my coding journey. So I started my Git learning journey... Often finding the material I came across didn't explain things in a way that made sense to me. I decided to set out and create the kind of online course I would have liked to have found. Et voila! I hope this course helps you on your Git learning journey! If you are curious to learn more about me, you can generally search me on social channels using my full name: Anna Skoulikari (I am the only Anna Skoulikari on this planet ;) )

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