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Foundations of Hacking and Pentesting Android Apps

Learn how to hack Android apps, and find vulnerabilities

1 hours+ of total content
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Course Creator: Scott Cosentino


  • How to use Emulators like Android Studio
  • Insecure Logging & Data Storage
  • Input validations & Hardcoding Issues
  • Drozer
  • Access Control Issues
  • Content Provider Injections


Are you looking to learn how to hack and pentest Android applications? If so, you have come to the right place! This set of videos outlines the basic foundations of Android hacking and pentesting. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of how to setup a test environment, how to decompile apks, how to detect common types of vulnerabilities, and how to use Drozer. This course is great for anyone looking to learn more about Computer Security, and Android application hacking.

I am an experienced security researcher who specializes in Android-based security. My goal in this course is to demonstrate some of the well known Android security flaws, to allow you to detect and patch them in your own applications, and any others you may be testing.

Course Structure

14 lectures 01:28:54 total duration

  Setting up Android Studio and Emulators (Watch video)
  Setting up adb and installing apps (Watch video)
  How to decompile apks (Watch video)

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Scott Cosentino

Scott is a software developer and teacher

Scott Cosentino is a software developer and teacher currently working in software engineer. Scott has worked extensively with both low- and high-level languages, working on operating system and enterprise-level applications. Scott is passionate about teaching and currently writes and creates videos on computer security and other programming topics. He has developed an extensive library of courses and has taught over 60,000 students through courses with Udemy, Packt, and CodeRed. He maintains a blog on Medium, and is active on YouTube and LinkedIn, where he enjoys creating content and interacting with students.

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