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Introduction to ARM Assembly

Learn the basics of the ARM programming language

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Course Creator: Scott Cosentino


  • Understand the basics of ARM emulation and program structure
  • The fundamentals of register, stack, and memory addressing modes
  • The concepts of arithmetic and logical operators
  • The main concept of branches, loops, and subroutine branches
  • The ways to interact with simple hardware devices


ARM is becoming an increasingly popular language in the world of computer programming. It is estimated that over 200 billion devices contain an ARM chip, making the ARM language valuable to understand. By understanding an assembly language, programmers can have a better understanding of how code is compiled and run, making it possible to create more efficient programs. In addition to this, programmers can work at a lower level, allowing them to write code that interacts with hardware in an efficient manner.

By the end of this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of the ARM processor, as well as assembly programming in general. You will be able to write basic ARM assembly programs, using various instructions available in the processor. You will also have the understanding required to further expand your knowledge, allowing you to become an expert in the area of assembly programming. You should consider this course if you are interested in learning about assembly programming, or ARM assembly!

Course Structure

13 lectures 01:54:29 total duration

  Emulation and Memory Layout (Watch video)
  Your First Program (Watch video)
  Addressing Modes (Watch video)

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Scott Cosentino

Scott is a software developer and teacher

Scott Cosentino is a software developer and teacher currently working in software engineer. Scott has worked extensively with both low- and high-level languages, working on operating system and enterprise-level applications. Scott is passionate about teaching and currently writes and creates videos on computer security and other programming topics. He has developed an extensive library of courses and has taught over 60,000 students through courses with Udemy, Packt, and CodeRed. He maintains a blog on Medium, and is active on YouTube and LinkedIn, where he enjoys creating content and interacting with students.

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