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Started at age of 18, at the usual starting point for Front End. For the first 2 years mostly coded static websites with Front End Frameworks like Bootstrap. After that, explored the next point on my path to becoming a Full Stack Developer and entered into Web App Development. Started openly coding in Angular and handling everything regarding the Front End Side of multiple projects. Currently, I am a MEAN Stack Developer with 7 years of experience. Started my way as a Self-Taught Developer, I never stopped learning new Web Development Technologies and I plan to learn and become even better with those. Through a few more years I plan to move into Mobile Development with Flutter. Experience as Instructor The reason why I got into teaching Web Development was at first place to pass my knowledge to others, as I honestly think that I can look at technologies from other angles and pass to my students all those responses that they needed in the first place to start or upgrade their skills. Next to Codedamn Courses, I am also leading the Omerko YouTube channel that is based on Web Development.