Tips to get out of procrastination?

Asked by Laxman Govind Kondhalkar about a month ago


A little bit about myself... I've always been an enthusiast of technology and wanted to pursue a career in tech related jobs. I consider myself a tech enthusiast, since school days I've always been a fond of computers and curious about how do they work.. how tech works... my YouTube feed is filled with tech related videos. though,I think it's all bogus because when it's time to take and complete courses, I find myself procrastinating a lot. I couldn't even bring myself to complete a single course even spent 10 minutes daily?. Some tech enthusiast I am... Any tips on how to break this procrastination cycle?

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    I've always had the same issue. I would recommend just creating a planner and listing out one thing you want to do in that day and checking it off once you've completed it, to get that sense of accomplishment. Then list down another thing you want to learn or complete and the cycle continues. I struggle with ADHD and I'm always wanting to do one thing after another even when I can't complete the first thing. Once you start getting in the habit of doing the planner and having enjoyment of learning new things you start to fade away from the planner and get that cycle of procrastination out of your system. I also make sure open up curtains and get some exercise in before I do things to get me going. But I can't guarantee that it will work for you, but it surely works for me. Google also recommends 5 things to help with procrastination.

    1. Start small, break large tasks into smaller chunks, and pick one that you can do now
    2. Make a plan, put times or dates on the key tasks on your list, so that you know what to concentrate on and when.
    3. Finish things, when you spot a task that’s nearly done, put extra effort into getting it over the line.
    4. Deal with distractions, what can you change about your environment to improve your focus?
    5. Be kind to yourself, no one ever gets to the end of their to-do list! Do your best to meet your deadlines, and celebrate your successes.

    How to Stop Procrastinating




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