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Asked by sunil karthik about 6 months ago


iam just confused when i open this roadmaps some one explain how this works how i will knw what to enroll

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    Hello Karthik, learning paths on codedamn offer a complete text based roadmap to complete a particular skill.

    All the technologies that are mentioned in the roadmap have multiple courses on codedamn. So, you can explore the courses by clicking on the search on codedamn option to find out the available courses on the platform and learn from them.

    Now, once you've enrolled in a course, you can link the course in the learning path to keep track of your progress. Now as a free user on the platform, you can only enroll in the freely available courses on the platform and link those courses inside the learning path.

    Here is a comprehensive list of free courses on the platform that you can start with.

    If you're interested in becoming a web developer, I'd highly recommend you to start with the Internet Fundamentals Course




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