Why you should test your code?

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    In the first section - you could start with unit testing ,integration testing and then end with e2e testing. That could be a logical flow.

    Also - unit testing is meant for testing out specific unit/module of code. It has no bearing on any other part/unit of the system , so the statement "If one unit test fails, then it's likely that some other part of the application will also fail when used in production" seems a little flawed. It is true that the part of the application that runs the specific buggy unit may fail.

    In plain english - I think the main reason why we test any code or application is to check or validate that our application/code behaves exactly as it is supposed to behave and also if it handles all possible scenarios that one can encounter when it is being used by the users. Finding bugs is a byproduct of that process. Finally a well tested application , increases our confidence in releasing the software.


    Prasad Nageshkar


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