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    Hi Can you pleas help regarding this challenges


    Muskan Gupta



    for people who are stuck in this particular problem This is the answer i got from using "Jarvis (Virtual Assistant)"

    The npm init command is used to create a new package.json file. It will prompt you to enter some information such as the app's name, description, version, etc.

    You can follow the steps below to meet your test cases:

    Open your terminal and navigate to your project directory.

    1. Run the command npm init.
    2. When prompted for the package name, enter "codedamn-project".
    3. When prompted for the version, enter "4.2.0".
    4. You can enter whatever you like for the other fields or leave them blank for now.


    If you want to automate this process, you can use the -y flag which will initialize a package.json file with default values:

    npm init -y After running this command, open up your newly created package.json file and modify the "name" and "version" fields like so:

    { "name": "codedamn-project", "version": "4.2.0", ... } Save your changes and that should pass all of your test cases. Remember that codedamn has interactive playgrounds where you can practice these things in real-time and see how they work!

    Hope it helps!!

    How he answered this question? Below is the conversation i had...

    Me: my 2nd and 3rd test case are failing. what to do?

    Jarvis: I'm here to help, Ashish. Could you please provide more details about the problem? Specifically, I need:

    					1. The code that you're working on.
    					2. The test cases that are failing - what they are testing and what the expected output is.
    					3. Any error messages you're seeing.

    With this information, I'll be able to assist you more effectively.

    Me: problem - to create a package.json file using the keyword "npm init" . Test cases are as follows

    			1. package.json file should exist
    			2. The name of your project should be "codedamn-project"
    			3. The version of your project should be "4.2.0"
    			I am not getting any error but my 2nd and 3rd case are failing

    Ashish Bankira


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