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Interview questions for web development 2021

Hands-on interview questions you'll face in your web development interview round

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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Real world interview preparation for web development
  • Frontend interview questions
  • Backend interview questions
  • Working with real codebase
  • Solving real-world challenges


This is a collection of multiple practical and real-world questions on web development asked in big companies. Practice them for free in browser and check if your solutions are right or not.

  • Questions consist of Easy, Intermediate, Hard difficulties.
  • Questions can involve frontend, backend, or both.
  • If verified, the company name is present in square brackets around the question title. This means the question has been asked in one of their interview rounds.

Note: The practice exams here are 100% free but referral locked. You can participate in this course with your friends. Share your referral link for the course to start practicing

Exam Structure

9 lectures 00:40:40 total duration

  Important points 
  Write the code for creating a timer on the web [Google] 
  Design a UI with a button, when you clicked it, it will increment the text by one [Amazon] 
  Accordion Widget [Amazon] 

Student feedback

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profile pic for Wilson Cheng
Oct 30, 2022
It's one of the best fullstack courses in the internet!
profile pic for JAYA sINGH
Oct 12, 2021
love to be
profile pic for White hat
Sep 29, 2021
Amazing course
profile pic for itskaush
Sep 28, 2021
Loved these questions. Looking forward to more such courses.
profile pic for sravan kumar
Sep 27, 2021
would be great if more questions/content can be included under easy & intermediate for more practice. Overall, as a web developer I can understand, how hard is to implement code editor, courses with the video stream, payment integration authentication,CI/CD behind the "CODEDAMN". All the very best Mehul. Looking forward in future, if codedamn hires engineers.

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