100 Days Of Projects!

Spend the next 100 days of 2023 building 20 fun and interactive web development projects in a guided mode. Learn building each project in a step-by-step manner.

Generate code reports for your projects, share them with your friends to get feedback and improve your skills!

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Project 1: Available

Multiverse HTML5 Photo Gallery Project

A photo gallery website with a...

Project 2: Available

Eventually - Stunning HTML5 Landing Page

A simple and minimal landing p...

Project 3: Available

HTML5 Massively Landing Page

This project will be a perfect...

Project 4: Available

Instagram Clone Project

Build a frontend clone for Ins...

Project 5: Available

Astral Portfolio Page

A simple and minimal portfolio...

Project 6: Available

Todo App

Build a Todo App clone using t...

Project 7: Available

Quiz App

An interactive, timed JavaScri...

Project 8: Available

Disney clone project [React]

Build a frontend clone for Dis...

Project 9: Available

Discord UI Clone

Build a Functional Discord Clo...

Project 10: Available

Tesla Clone

Build the tesla clone website ...

Project 11: Available

Bird App Social Media

A working social media app lik...

Project 12: Available

JSON Proxy Holder

In this project, you're suppos...

Project 13: Available

Pinterest Clone

Practice the basics of creatin...

Project 14: Available

Certificate Generator

Create certificates from a tem...

Project 15: Available

Full-stack Todo App

Make a Todo application using ...

Project 16: Available

Spotify Audio Player Clone

Building a functional audio pl...

Project 17: Available

Chat App

Build a Real-Time Chat applica...

Project 18: Available

Trello Clone

Create a Trello Clone with fun...

Project 19: Available

Custom Wordle

Build a custom Wordle clone. S...

Project 20: Available

Tic Tac Toe (Multiplayer Version)

Creating the Tic Tac Toe game ...

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