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Flappy Bird Game

A basic flappy bird game. This will test your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

Open in IDE

Includes assets, JPG images of the design files, design files themselves and a basic style guide. There's also a README to help you get started.

Project Description

Your challenge is to build out the flappy bird game with all the basic features.

This project focuses mainly on JavaScript. Some CSS is also needed, but it is fundamental, and any beginner can do it without issues.

The game must include the following features:

  • Spawn randomly positioned obstacles that the players will have to dodge.

  • Enable the players to fly the bird using some keypresses.

  • Watch for collisions between the bird and the obstacles.

  • Keep track of the player's score based on how many obstacles he was able to avoid.

The file will provide further details about the project.

All the best.

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