Stream Pipeline Lab

0.0% Acceptance

In this lab, you will work with Node.js streams and stream.pipeline() to perform various operations on a given text file. You will read the contents, process/filter the data using custom transform streams, and write the output to a new file. This lab aims to build a solid understanding of streams and the usage of stream.pipeline().

(some helpful information about Node.js streams, transforms, and stream.pipeline() goes here)


  1. Create a read stream for the input file.
  2. Process the data using a custom transform stream.
  3. Write the output to a new file using a write stream.
  4. Use stream.pipeline() to combine the streams you created.
  5. Export the pipeline function for testing.
  6. Proper error handling using stream.finished().

Important note: Do not forget to export the necessary code for the evaluation script tests.