Node.js Stream Writable Lab

50.0% Acceptance

In this lab, you will be working with Node.js Stream module, specifically focusing on stream.Writable class. You'll be implementing a custom writable stream, which helps you understand how to create and handle writable streams in Node.js. This lab will provide you with a practical understanding of how to implement and utilize writable streams in your projects.

Some important concepts you'll use in this lab are:

  1. Node.js Stream Module
  2. stream.Writable class
  3. Custom Writable Stream Implementation
  4. write() method
  5. end() method

Throughout this lab, you will follow the challenges provided to guide you through creating a custom writable stream along with proper error handling.

Please make sure to read and understand each challenge before proceeding, and ensure that your code exports the required elements mentioned in each challenge.