Keyboard Row Lab

54.3% Acceptance

In this lab, you will be working with a function called findWords(). This function takes an array of strings words as input and returns the words that can be typed using letters of the alphabet on only one row of the American keyboard.

In the American keyboard:

  • the first row consists of the characters "qwertyuiop",
  • the second row consists of the characters "asdfghjkl", and
  • the third row consists of the characters "zxcvbnm".

Your task is to implement the findWords() function using the provided initial code in index.js and pass the challenges given below. Your code will be evaluated based on these challenges, so make sure to carefully read and understand the requirements of each challenge.


findWords(["Hello", "Alaska", "Dad", "Peace"]); // Output: ["Alaska", "Dad"] findWords(["omk"]); // Output: [] findWords(["adsdf", "sfd"]); // Output: ["adsdf", "sfd"]


  • 1 <= words.length <= 20
  • 1 <= words[i].length <= 100
  • words[i] consists of English letters (both lowercase and uppercase).


  1. Export the findWords function correctly from your index.js file.
  2. Implement the findWords() function that passes the given test cases.
  3. Make sure your code is bug-free and handles edge cases properly.
  4. Make sure you're exporting the default function