Local Storage Lab

74.5% Acceptance

In this lab, you'll practice using the Web Storage API by creating a simple key-value storage system. You will create two div sections, one for saving data to localStorage and another for retrieving data from it.

  1. First, create a div with id localStorage-setup. Inside this div, add an input field with id storageKey and a button with id setStorage. You'll save the input field's value to localStorage when the button is clicked.

  2. Next, bind a click event to the setStorage button. When clicked, save the input field's value to localStorage using the key myKey.

  3. Create another div with id localStorage-retrieve. Inside this div, add a div element with id output to display the retrieved value and a button with id getStorage to retrieve the value from localStorage.

  4. Bind a click event to the getStorage button. When clicked, retrieve the value from localStorage using the key myKey and display it in the output element.

Remember, localStorage values are stored as strings. If you want to store complex data types like objects or arrays, you have to convert them into strings using JSON.stringify() before storing and parse them back using JSON.parse() after retrieving.