OS Information

41.4% Acceptance

In this lab, we will explore how to use the os module in Node.js to gather information about the operating system. This is useful when you want to write platform-specific code or gather statistics about your application's environment. Throughout the lab, you will be required to export variables to be tested. We will be using the ESM syntax for all imports and exports.

Some important functions in the os module are:

  • os.type(): returns the operating system name.
  • os.freemem(): returns the amount of free system memory in bytes.
  • os.totalmem(): returns the total amount of system memory in bytes.
  • os.uptime(): returns the system uptime in seconds.

Remember that to use these functions, you need to import the os module using the following syntax:

import os from 'os';

Feel free to read the Node.js documentation if you need additional information about the os module and its functions.