Make Two Arrays Equal by Reversing Subarrays Lab

50.0% Acceptance

In this lab, you will be implementing a function to check if two arrays can be made equal by reversing subarrays. You are given two integer arrays of equal length target and arr. In one step, you can select any non-empty subarray of arr and reverse it. You are allowed to make any number of steps.

Your task is to return true if you can make arr equal to target or false otherwise.

Example 1:

Input: target = [1,2,3,4], arr = [2,4,1,3] Output: true Explanation: You can follow the next steps to convert arr to target: 1- Reverse subarray [2,4,1], arr becomes [1,4,2,3] 2- Reverse subarray [4,2], arr becomes [1,2,4,3] 3- Reverse subarray [4,3], arr becomes [1,2,3,4] There are multiple ways to convert arr to target, this is not the only way to do so.

Example 2:

Input: target = [7], arr = [7] Output: true Explanation: arr is equal to target without any reversals.

Example 3:

Input: target = [3,7,9], arr = [3,7,11] Output: false Explanation: arr does not have value 9 and it can never be converted to target.


  1. Export the canBeEqual function from index.js: Make sure you export the canBeEqual function from index.js.
  2. Implement the canBeEqual function: Implement the canBeEqual function to check if the two arrays can be made equal by reversing subarrays.

Evaluation script

Click here to see how your function will be evaluated.

Note to the user: If you are using any function or variable inside the evaluation script, make sure to export them in the respective challenge block text.